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Looking for 3 Ladies or Gentlemen to earn free jewelry WITHOUT having an in home pop up party! This is completely online and something totally new to me but I’m up for the challenge!

1. Love jewelry from my site
2. Have friends that love participating in contests
3. Be excited about the opportunity!
Let’s have some fun! Team up and EARN TONS OF FREE JEWELRY!

The end of boozy brunches in NYC?

Say it isnt so!!! So a co worker told me that apparently NYC has a law on the books that prevents establishments from serving unlimited alcohol. In disbelief I Googled this and sadly its true. There is a liquor law that prevents patrons from receiving unlimited drinks for either a fixed price. While I’m sure some establishments may turn a blind eye you can expect that there will no longer be brunches with endless drink offers going forward.

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Jewelry trends for 2014!

Want to know whats in this spring? Then check out this article with founder and CEO of Chloe + Isabel Chantel Waterbury. Pastels, bling and of course statement pieces. You can find all the pieces at my boutique!

Read the article here!
Jewelry Trends 2014

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Angry Woman for NYFW

So my new (or not so new if you know me) is Angry Woman. I am trying to get this to take off so I can get a spot at next years NYFW. I think I’m going to start hashtagging this (although I have discovered that there are already 1000 posts to this hashtag). I have to thank my co-worker for all of this.

Angry Woman says “sky is the limit”