Gaming Gear to Adore

I’ve noticed that ever since I bought a PS4 over a year ago there is nothing that I enjoy more than staying home and lounging around gaming.  One of my go to items is becoming yoga pants and a comfy top, plus with cats that get cat hair errrywhere I like to have “house clothes” and these work out great.  Plus sometimes I’m motivated to work out in an attempt to get back into shape and well nothing inspires me to do that more than fab workout clothes, am I right?  But who has that kind of time to shop for fun and maybe tres chic activewear?  Not I.  Enter subscription boxes….

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard about these.  You sign up to a brand (Julep, StichFix, Lost Blvd) and get monthly goodies delivered right to your door.  Try it, like it, keep it.  Pretty simple right?  Well if you’re like me maybe on occasion you want something, dare I say sexy???? Enter Adore Me.   What started out as a lingerie box subscription has also added on plus and activewear.   So like most services you take a quick quiz and they curate items for you.  Behold the magic of SCIENCE!  Then you pick and they ship it, like it, keep it.  It’s almost like a direct to consumer merchant so they can offer super great items at lower prices.  So here I’m thinking what a great idea this is.  Plus (I hope you’re not reading this mom) I can buy sexy undergarments….and not leave my apartment to do this.  Because that is soooooo 90’s…#aintnobodygottimeforthat

Look as women we all ENJOY wearing something sexy under our clothes and Adore Me’s mantra is “Its about what you leave on”.  Nothing can make us feel more empowered and confident then a great set of under garments (not to mention slimmer) trust me.  A new bra and I’m visually 10lbs lighter.  Go get a fitting and see.   I mean they are SO much more than just bra’s and panties now, so there is sure to be something for everyone.  Want to stay motivated to slay that workout?  Athleisure is not a new trend but seems to persist and Adore Me has some super cute styles, so you can look good either gaming or doing that downward dog pose. And even though I’m sitting around killing bosses and finding mystical quests, maybe I want to feel sexy yah dig?  Also nothing is better than a matching set and ladies is 2017, lets get with it.  Please invest in at least 2 matching sets of bra and panties (#stayclassy) and you can thank me later.  Wear it the next time you go for groceries, yoga or that Monday meeting and just see how you feel.

So click over and sign up today, refer a friend and get $15.  AND they have an app should you want to be strictly mobile, cause you know like why not? Treat yourself to some new gear and I’m sure the price will be just as good as waiting until someone has a sale.

P.S. FREE EXCHANGES-easy peasy ladies….



Plus I wanted you to see me in my natural environment LOL

A One of A Kind Shoegasm

So in my trolling of all things website window shopping (mainly via Pinterest) I came across this company called Spring.  So trolling for things I don’t really neeeeed but would like, I came across these shoes (# to the OMFG) and I was like BAM mama needs these in her life stat!  So click, end up seeing that they are made by a brand called Shoes of Prey….so click to the site and holy hot shit batman, the mother load!

The premise of the site is to design custom shoes…yes you read that right.  Shoes THAT YOU design! How freaking cool! If your like me, if i’m dropping more than $100 I need something that no every thirst trap, bucket or wanna be is going to be rocking.  So naturally I’m sold and I haven’t even created a pair.  Think pumps, flats, stilletos, wedges, its endless.

So you go to the site (here) and they walk you through creating a pair of shoes just for you. It’s a 3D designer and you select the shape, colors and all that jazz that will make these uniquely yours.  I mean they also have some standard issue styles that you can scoop up, but COME ON making your own?  Yes please.

So I for one may treat myself to a pair of one of a kind Jessica shoes.  Check it out and let me know what you think or if you design your own!



Things I’m Crushing On

So spring is almost here and that means a wardrobe change, a restyling of self, and things that I’d like to buy.  As I’ve gotten older it’s become more important to invest in quality pieces than to constantly buy disposable goods.  Ironic considering that I work in the fashion industry and that is the model it operates on.  Now there are some good sites if your into sustainability and being a conscious shopper (Zady anyone?) and of course luxury brands.  I wrote awhile back about a movie called True Cost and it realty impacted my thinking about shopping for clothing.  I’ve never been opposed to spending more to have a quality item that will last, as it makes more financial sense.  I’m sure that many of you notice how often the same items make it back into blog posts. Lets face it unless items are being gifted or you make 6 figures you really can’t afford to be buying new items for each day.

So now that I’ve ranted a bit, here are some of the items I’d like to add into my closet this year.  I know that many of these items will have a strong ROI (return on investment) if taken care of and they are core staples.  It’s all about that foundation, so invest in good core pieces (even accessories) and they will take you into the next 5 or long years.  I mean I bought a basic coach leather bag yeeeeeeeears ago, and guess what I take that bish everrrrywhere…so heres my haul for 2016…



Zady .02 Shirt


Its gray, a pseudo neutral and t shirts are great for casual Friday’s and weekends…


Lennon Necklace

Dylan Lex

Like seriously…do I have to explain my obsession???





Its the year of the Monkey, and guess what I’m a Monkey (and I love MCM)



Total staple, classic black, simple and chic

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, as I’m always wanting to hear from my readers.



help a sistah out

Looking for a quality made jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune?  Check out my e-boutique for  fantastic pieces that are designed in NYC and backed with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  Better yet, why not invite me and some friends for a styling session?  it a great way to try styles and see the jewelry in person, plus you get to have some girl time.  Are you looking to maybe raise awareness for a cause?  then we can also do that as well.  Message me for deets and check out my boutique!  email me at



OOTD 2/21/14

Today I am rocking my new Alloy London Skinny jeans (love the stretch, not the falling down) and I paired it with a chambray top and of course C+I jewelry. However it has been suggested that I buy a belt to keep my pants from falling down…..

So I was led to these via a coworker who suggested I try them after I saw her in them. Who else has a hard time finding jeans that fit? Enough give but not baggy after 20 minutes? Then check out the London Super Skinny from Alloy (style 176066). Plus at about $30 its a good deal. The top is actually from the mens dept in Old Navy. I’m a busty gal so most manufactures for women’s clothing fail to realize that the bust area needs a bit more fabric for us larger girls. I got the skinny cut and for about $18 I’m pretty happy. So what do you think of my Friday work outfit?

Top Old Navy
Jeans Alloy Apparel
necklace my e-boutique shop it here






Jewelry trends for 2014!

Want to know whats in this spring? Then check out this article with founder and CEO of Chloe + Isabel Chantel Waterbury. Pastels, bling and of course statement pieces. You can find all the pieces at my boutique!

Read the article here!
Jewelry Trends 2014

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