One of the challenges of any business is sharing information across multiple departments to inform and help strategize.  One of the ways this is accomplished is using the HUB method.  This method allows organizations to break down communication silos by organizing teams around a common goal it becomes easier to foster internal dialogue.

Each area of the business has it’s own needs for understanding success and company performance.  For example finance needs to know what is being spent versus bought, Marketing needs to know what the budget is and how to align to goals, and employees need to understand the goals and what they are being measured on.

Digital marketing has the role of making sure all the areas of the business know how marketing is performing, as they are often responsible for driving traffic and sales for online and physical store locations.  Based on the ACME case study, Jackson points out that they biggest challenge is that they were not data driven.  I think this is often true for most companies, where emotion is what drives decisions versus using data.  Another challenge is making sure that the data presented is concise with a clear solution otherwise you run into the “analysis paralysis” and accomplish nothing.  It is the job of the marketing team to take the data and communicate it to various cross functional partners to help drive the business forward.

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