A day in digital

So I recently started going back to school and am taking a class in social media communications and we are writing blog posts about various things so I figured why not share it here!

So some of the firsts questions we have to answer are what brands/sites do we engage with, reflections on use of digital media, emails we get, and perceptions of digital media.  So first of all I work in digital marketing and have a solid background in email marketing so I am probably more hyper aware of all these things.  Some of my top sites are marketingland.com ( to stay in the know all things marketing), Bounce X, Amazon (who doesn’t engage with them?), Nordstrom, and a litiney of others depending on my needs at the time.  For social its instagram, iFunny, and facebook as my top social sites, which I barely use. I feel negative about a site or brand when I am given content that isn’t tailored to my shopping or browse behavior, or those pesky pop ups for email.  On the flip side I feel good about a brand if they can show me content or deliver an engaging brand experience from all channels, and its seamless.  I subscribe to many brands and each has a point that I enjoy about them, and because I need to be aware of what my competitors are doing.  I enjoy Nordstrom Rack as they appear to be tailored and offer product recommendations based on browse/purchase behavior.  Shoptiques does great theme based emails, Huckbeery has great men’s emails, Sak’s can have some good content layouts.  For emails its about content, copy and overarching message and making sure that when I click thru i get a relevant page of products.  Nordstroms did a great tech email like a year ago, where the email and landing page were animated and stylized after old school game graphics.

One of the biggest thing is creating a cohesive experience for customers across devices and channels without it being super creepy (like when an ad pops up for something you were thinking about).  I need to see different content on different channels, like social needs to be different from my email, the website needs to be a different feel than a Facebook ad, and in store needs to have its own piece.  Digital marketing is a key business driver as mobile usage rises and more and more people do research on phones and want things now.  Also millennials engage differently and expect a level of customer service and rely on other for input before buying.  They also want relevant content and experiences based on likes, browse, and spending style, so brands need to look at so much data, which has lead to an increase in digital strategy and analytics roles.

But what is interesting is that people will only read if they are engaged and need visual components as well.  As a marketer you have less than 2 seconds to capture attention and drive to a conversion.  And you have to look at the whole picture, email, digital, SMS and store to see a 360 customer view.