Theres an App for that…

So recently I signed up for a newsletter from Tasting Table because well I love food, I mean who doesn’t right?  Plus living in the NYC one is bombarded with countless places to eat it’s almost impossible to keep up.  I signed up because I wanted reciepes and things to know about NYC food scene (ummm food blogger here) and liked how TT had it all together.  So I get the email and scroll down and see a call out for this app called DINE.  Not to be confused with the dating app….

But there is a serious lack of food dining apps that allow you to curate what you want to eat.  I had one years ago and well they went the way of the dodo so DINE it is.  I love that the app allows you to search be hood, food type and even “hot spots”.  So I honestly have yet to really use it but I figured all my foodies would enjoy knowing about this gem, as if your like me sometimes you want a new place but Google doesn’t give you want you want right away.  Plus what if you are on the go?  Who not open the app and find a place?  Hopefully this app will allow me to save faves along with reviews.

I will report back once I have used it and let you know my success.  But if you have it let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Buen provecho!

Baubles and NYC

Like Bauble Bar? Needing some new bling? Want to update the wardrobe but don’t want to spend a fortune? Thenc check out Bauble Bar’s upcoming sample sale next week. Allegedly styles will be starting at $10! So sign up for early access via the link below and let me know what you scored in the sale!

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Help me make my goal

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Laying the foundation

ladies, lets talk about starting with a foundation for your outfit. BRAS….. If your like me bra shopping is the one form of shopping I’d avoid at all costs. But its a fundamental foundation for wearing clothes, the right bra will make you look perky and 10 lbs slimmer. Trust me, I’ve seen it on myself. So recently I realized that I needed some new bras, the ones I have about a year old and really non-supportive. So I went to and took a look see, then I though, when was the last time I got a fitting? Longer than I will admit here, so after yelp’ing I came across intimacy NYC and was like well lets give it a whirl.

I went to the location on Third Ave and met with Eloisa, who promptly assessed my needs and proceeded to find stlyes that were cute and supportive. Now if you know this, good for if not here is a lesson, a good bra will life your breasts up, support them lovingly and make you look 10 lbs lighter. Eloisa pointed out that I was wearing the wrong size, I was closer to a 40F. Instead of measuring me she took a look and knew exactly the style and sizes I needed. Eloisa says that the motto at Intimacy is to fit your body, so that means understanding different bras fit differently. After trying on about 5 styles it was time to narrow them down, but not to worry she made me a wish list. So when I go back they can pull up the styles that I like and make my life easier.

While the store doesn’t look like there is much, they do have drawers of bras. Not to mention swimwear, which if you are larger than a C you know its challenging to find one that has support. So ladies take a moment go get fitted and see the difference in how you stand and even how your clothes drape. I for one will definitely be back to shop.

check them out here










In the Buff

Let me ask, have you heard of Buffalo Exchange? If not then as NY’ers you are in for a treat. Growing up in AZ i fondly remember the trips my mom and I would make to Buff Exchange, where we could sell gently worn clothing and get credit or cash for our items. i loved scouring the racks looking for that one item that I was like I NEEED to have. Well it appears that it has made its way north.

So if you are muchlike me and find yourself rotating clothes and no where to go with the unwanted items. Why not take them to Buff and get some dinero? Plus what ever you don’t sell they take and give to the convent house. So if you dont want to be bothered with curating a closet of items and sharing (a la poshmark), go to Buff and just sell them off. Also the do tokens for bags,so opt not to take a bag and you get a token to use towards a local charity.

So check them out and let me know what you think.







Plated part duex

Ok, so awhile back I wrote about a service called Plated. its where you can order meals and have them delivered. I ordered the fish tacos and the skirt steak. Mind you its $15 a plate (thank you promo code for free plates!) but you get everything you need, minus the cooking utensils. All the ingredients came pre-measuered and ready to go, and in an insulated bag. Also included in the recipe that walks you through the process in about 6 steps. The fish tacos took about 40 minutes to prep and make, the steak was about the same.

The fish was good, although I would have preferred a bit more seasoning. The salsa and topping were great but a bit heavy on the cilantro and red vinegar. The downfall….the corn tortillas. Dry as the desert. I would make this myself but modify it a bit.

The steak was tasty and the papas bravas phenomenal! Although the cooking time left my meat rare (I’m a medium well kinda gal) so i had to leave it on a bit longer. The fingerling potatoes were simply done, and the dandelions greens gave a good bite to the meal. Another I would do, but make some minor modifications. I found the greens too bitter for my palette, and the steak needed to be cooked a bit longer.

Overall, if your in an area that they deliver to, its worth a try. I didnt have to think about all the items I would need or buy so much that it went to waste. I loved that it came to my job and ready to. The steak kept for an additional day in the fridge until I was ready to cook it. I would recommend this if you dont like thinking about menus or its just you and your tired of take out.



Meals Delivered?

Do you ever struggle with picking out a meal for the night? To tired to go to the store, shop and figure out what you are going to make? How about you don’t even know what things to pull together for a meal. Allow me to introduce you to and

Plated and Blue Apron both look to bring local sustainable meals to your table. How do they do this? By letting you select meal options and having the ingredients delivered right to your door. They eliminate the guesswork of planning a meal and remove the hassle of going to the store to shop. Thanks to Facebook and my news feed that is how I came across this service. Which as a New Yorker I think takes regular grocery delivery and steps it up. Now I can pick preplanned meals have it shipped (in a BIODEGRADABLE box) and eat healthy. WHAT WHAT!

Here is what Entrepreneur had to say about the start up
New York City-based is on a mission to help Americans eat better. Each week, seven recipes are featured on the Plated menu, including four healthy meat and fish options and three unique vegetarian dishes. You pick the recipe you want to prepare and eat, and Plated will deliver all of the pre-portioned meat, fish, spices, proteins, and produce — plus a chef-designed recipe card.

So, no more having to buy too much meat or spices for your simple dinner for one or two. “ uses tech and data-driven operations to remove waste from the broken American food supply chain,” the company says. Plated already delivers to 90 percent of the lower 48 states and is “doubling the business” every six weeks.

So if your looking to eat healthy but don’t have the time or energy to shop and think about meals, this might be the best way to go. I’m going to give it a try and I’ll report back on it. Between work and school I don’t have the time to shop or even the energy to think about meals. And yea, I’m tired of having to buy food for one meal and then tossing it, so this may just be what I’ve been searching for. The biggest draw back with plated is that it is a yearly membership where blue apron appears to be on a weekly basis.

Check them out and let me know what you think!