Prelim Findings for Liquid Bodywash


For the upcoming year Proctor & Gamble would like to introduce a Liquid Body soap that is made with natural fragrance and supports a sustainable supply chain. Looking at market trends it is noted that the natural beauty market will reach ~22BN by 2024 and to connect with a growing set of consumers who are environmentally conscious and look to support small business we feel that this would be a great opportunity to grow the brand.     

More and more consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of how their goods are made and supporting local businesses and resources.  In looking to launch a natural liquid body wash I decided that the best company to help me achieve success would be Procter & Gamble as they are a globally recognized brand with a multitude of product offerings.  Part of Procter&Gamble’s values is doing what is right not only by people but by the environment.  So, by leveraging the brand and its presence any product I would put in market would be a bit more successful and have an immediate value to customers familiar with the other brands.  

Given the huge growth that natural beauty has seen and can expect to see in the foreesable future as more and more consumes become aware of not only what they are putting in their bodies but what they are putting on the outside also counts.  As supply chains get better and standards of living go up we should expect to see more and more consumers get back to the proverbial “basics”.  the demand for such products has facilitated companies to fulfil the need and therefore we see more and more products in market.  As the standard of living goes up in various markets, consumers are willing to pay more to purchase organic or natural products.   Asia Pacific market will be the fastest growing market in which to offer a natural liquid body wash following North America.   

When collecting data during the market research phase it will be crucial to let consumers know that we are storing it and not sharing with third party vendors if we are doing it in house.  If leveraging a focus group these people will have consented to sharing information with a company.  We also need to make sure that the product marketing doesn’t have any misleading information and that if we are stating that the product is fair trade certified we are abiding by FLOCERT regulations.   

The biggest limitation based on the research is creating awareness for the product at a larger scale along the lines of say Dove body wash.  A secondary concern would be pricing as this liquid body wash would be priced higher than most current in market brands, that are not organic.  I do think that there is more research that can be done to identify areas where I can overcome the awareness and pricing concerns.   Hopefully during the market surveys I can find what those areas are before going to market. 



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Digital Relevance

Looking at digital marketing its almost hard to say where we will be in 3, 5 or even 10 years given how fast technology and customer behavior changes.  Customers want what they want, and they want it now so companies and brands have to look how to best deliver those experiences and make them as seamless as possible.   

One of the ways that is happening is Google AMP and ALP, which means they are trying to improve how fast pages load on mobile.  The longer your site takes to load the quicker existing and potential customers will walk away.  According in that’s almost a 500B loss in revenue for e-commerce.  As more and more people start to use mobile for everyday activities making sure that pages load quickly. Using AMP could help boost SEO rankings as you can foster more engaged customers with faster loading pages. 

Another area is marketing automation as it will allow users to AI to help deliver more personalized experiences and react in real time.  The best use case is in the email channel where its critical to deliver messages based on consumer behaviors and expected needs.  Being able to predict when a customer will need new socks and know what brand they prefer can help deliver a message that drives higher engagement and loyalty.  You can also leverage this with CRM tools and across various digital channels and learn where your customers are and meet them there. 

Lastly social, I mean who doesn’t have at least one social site or engage with their favorite brands on social? As marketers can tie more and more data together to get a full view of customer behaviors leveraging social will play into how brands acquire and foster loyalty. According to marketers need to start investing in better organic content that creates meaningful interactions.  This means not only is content king, but the copy as well.  Short videos and videos in general are starting to become more of the marketing mix as gen z’ers are wanting more authentic content and this is the best way to meet those needs. 

Again, we can think we know the direction we are heading until consumer behaviors change and sometimes that is brought on by marketers or organic changes.  I think back to when the internet was “created” and how people scoffed and now it’s a ubiquitous fact of our lives.   



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