To Mobile or Not…

As more and more people become entwined with their mobile phones brand will need to reach their consumers on these devices.   Almost 50% of internet time is spent on a smart phone and marketers can often tie data from various sources together to better target consumers.  Being able to target a consumer and relay a compelling message to drive a conversion is key, creating a mobile friendly site is also a critical factor to capture that sale.  You can use SMS, in app push notifications, beacon technology (Hello Target), in app banners, Facebook sponsored posts are some ways to create awareness for a product or brand.   

Look at Pinterest, who according to their own blog show that 90% of users make a purchase in app and up to 70% use the platform to find new products or services.  As a “pinner” (I mean is that even a term yet?) I often go to Pinterest to find information on products or idea and have clicked on quite a few in app paid posts.  Being able to find a product, click to a site to purchase and then use say Samsung pay creates a frictionless purchase path foe me as a consumer.   

Think about your own behavior, often you pick up your phone to do a quick voice search or type in a word.  Then based on results you can open in an app or navigate to the site.  This data is captured, and companies match back to their own first party data, so they can target you with ads that make sense as creepy as that is.  Mobile continues to see about a 40% growth year over year as a spending channel (p.348  Fulgoni) and as its cheaper than traditional adversting (I.e. video, print, and TV) more and more brands are leveraging it to see greater profitability.  Look at Starbucks and how they use the mobile app to maintain customer loyalty while creating awareness of instore events with push notifications.  Also, you can pay using the app and refilling your card is about as seamless as it can be. 

As we move deeper into mobile territory and always being on, I suspect that you will start to see more and more apps show adversting along with content driven by mobile device. 


Megan Marrs 

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