The OOTD 4/22/15

So todays OOTD is brought to you by the desire to wear a skirt today.  Was like hmmmm feel like a skirt, haven’t worn this in awhile, all black today yeeeeeaaaa.  I got to work and my coworker told me I looked like I was ready for shul.  I work in a really casual office but sometimes I feel like I need to step up my wardrobe game, its like that adage, dress for where you want to go not for where you are.  So here are the deets

Skirt Banana Republic (old)

Top Banana Republic (old)

Shoes Coso Como

Stone bracelet Chloe+Isabel

Skirts take me back to 5 and I find myself swishing the skirt and then someone notices……and looks at me crazy like you a grown woman!  Side mention, not sure who signed off on the cut for the skirt but I had to go up to a 16 just to get it to fit. And special mention to my other coworker for making an appearance while i was doing my bathroom photoshoot.


Date Night at Horus on A

So last Friday was date night for me and the mans, and him being such a great bf he brought me flowers (prob helps that’s I’ve been harping about it) but anywhoooo he wanted to be surprised with where we would eat at.  So after trolling Living Social I came across an offer for the Horus Cafe on ave A.   The deal included two glasses of wine, two appetizers, two entrees and two deserts.  I picked it because they have belly dancing shows on Fridays (which we missed).

So after picking me up from work we headed on down to Ave A in the LES and promptly got seated.  Its your typical middle eastern décor, beige walls, Moroccan style lamps, and these awesome copper top tables.  The café as has hookah service as well, being a former smoker I passed.  So we got hummus (extra), Moroccan cigars and a Greek salad to share.  Nom, nom, nom is all I can say.  There was enough in appetizers we were kinda full by the time the food rolled around.  For entrees the bf got lamp chops with a potato gratin and I got chicken royal.  His chops were delish!  The potato’s were so creamy and tasty and complimented well with grilled veggies.  My chicken was moist and flavorful and served in what was an Alfredo sauce and a side of sautéed spinach with CHUNKS of garlic.  I mean who DOESN’T love garlic? For desert we got baklava, which was eh.  My bf was burnt and mines was kinda cooked, plus it was served with whipped cream and drizzled in chocolate (strange bedfellows).  We did get coffee to wash it all down and MAN was it strong (which was nice and have the BF buzzing).

Overall great laid back ambiance with a noise level that makes it way to talk to your party without screaming.  Most everything was good so I’d say like 3.5 out of 5 forks.  So if your looking for something off the beaten path and a little different give it a try.

BTW I realize this photo makes it seem like I have no eyebrows………….



All black eurrything OOTD 3/11/15

Today was one of those days with getting dressed.  You know where you want to look presentable but want to stay home and rock jammies?  The beauty about NYC  is that you can wear all black at any time and no one thinks strangely about it.  Plus it seems to have given me a serious badass edge……Also I am wearing my new lipstick that my friend helped me pick out from MAC , Amorous is the name and I am getting lots of complements on it.

Top Macys (old)

Pants Alloy Apparel

Shoes Alloy Apparel

Jewelry Chloe+Isabel

Plus thanks to my coworker who agrees to take these shots in the bathroom with me.  I’m going to try and be better and make at least one post a week.

Tell me thoughts and let me know what you like or dislike.

Tavern on the Green

So last night the mans and I went to Tavern on the Green, its restaurant week here in NYC so that means dinner for $38 (plus tip and tax).  Being that tog is a historic NYC  landmark I felt that this was a great time to check it out.  As a mere mortal there is no way I could afford to eat there non-restaurant week.   As you’d guess it was opulent but refined in its elegance.   The building was built to house the sheep that grazed in the meadows (hear that ny’ers,  this area was open land at one point) and was converted into a restaurant in the 1930’s. 
So after depositing our coats and being escorted to our table, we went with the pre fix menu for NYC restaurant week.  My bf decided to add the wine pairing for an additional $20.   So he started with a Caesar  salad and I with a Atlantic char tartar.  I’ll tell you his salad was phenomenal!  My tartar was good, and the pickled beets served to offset the consistency of the fish.  For the main course he had the chicken with mushrooms and parsnips and I had the pasta carbonara.  To die! If I could have that everyday it would never be an issue for me.  They managed to toast the top without burning the macaroni (which if you’ve ever made a pasta dish in an oven know that’s a rare skill).   It was soooooooooooooo creamy and delish!  But it was not overpowering, which sometimes creamy dishes can be.  I think the noodles may have been homemade….
For desert we got the bosc pears with ice cream.  Originally it was supposed to be salted caramel, but by the time we got there all they had was vanilla.  Now here’s where it gets interesting, it was cooked with peppercorns!  It added  nice tang, but the vanilla did nothing against the peppercorns.  Salted caramel would have been just right.  
Overall I would give this place 4.5 our of 5 forks,  if you want to go a do fine dinning this is a great place plus its an icon in and of itself.  Even in winter its gorgeous.