A few days late, and a few dollars short OOTD 1.18.16

A few days late and few dollars short. I really wanted to get this up on Tuesday but we see how well that worked out…Ok so here’s Monday OOTD.  Of course I felt like wearing a skirt right when a cold blast starts on the east coast.  You know  tell your girl your thoughts about the post.  Here are the deets

Skirt Banana Republic (old)

Sweater Banana Republic (old)

Jewelry Chloe+Isabel

Shoes Coso


Been a hot minute OOTD 1.13.16

Its been a minute right? New year new me kinda shit??? Not at all, still the same angry, sarcastic, badass chick I was in 2015.  So I’m at work doing email stuff as I type this.  I figure you know Jess its been awhile since you dribbled some bits for the feeders (can I call you guys that?) why not take some shots of your super work appropriate outfit?  So work lobby here I come!  So here we are are, photos, selfie, and goods.  BTW finally got my new custom top in (cant wait to wear!) so that should be up soon!


Sweater Banana Republic

Pants Ann Taylor

Jewelry Chloe+Isabel (cause you had to ask?)

Dates 2 Save..

Happy Holiday season ya’ll!!! I’m sure that many of you are midstream with holiday shindigs and shenanigans, so Buen Provecho!  If your the person planning said soiree….well may the force be with you.  One of the biggest issues I find when planning my own parties is getting people to RSVP in a timely manner, so that I know how much food to cook. or alcohol to buy. (and my friends are savages for food and dranks….)

So I got ‘ta thinking about New Years and planning a paaaaarty.  Heeello Pinterest! If you need to find ideas and inspo this be the place of all things DIY, cooking, random ish and all easily accessible via tags and key words (kinda like SEO).  So I started collecting ideas for NYE ideas, but then I was like all these ideas are great for any kind of party or even a WEDDING! See what I gathered so far right hurr.

I think the thing that I like most about the board is that they are colors and ideas that work well for anything.  Some of the pins are wedding related, but you could do a birthday, black tie, or a cocktail party.

So after trolling the pin for an ungodly amount of time, I started thinking about save the dates and invitations.  I mean there HAS to be an easier way than going to a stationary store (yes, they DO exist!), something app related y a know.  Cause lets face it, in this day and age if there isnt an app, your going the way of the dodo.  And what did I remember….my  paperless post app! Bazinga! Doneish…..

I was introduced to this a few years a ago via a hostess for a Chloe+Isabel party I did, and well like most relationships it started rocky, but nooooooooow I’m in love with paperless post app.  I mean they have a traditional website, but thats like so 90’s.  The great thing about this company is not only do they do E invitations, but they also do physical invitations. So if you need to send invites or a save the date, say for a wedding, birthday, fancy event, sweet 16, quinceanera, dinner party, a “screw it I’m fabulous” party or really anything they’ve got you covered.

So you can create an awesome save the date and either email it or request to have it printed, you can personalize it with your own photos.  It’s all pretty easy add the copy (like what you want to say) and viola done.  So head on over and check them out, and download that app!  Make your future invites easy peasy with Paperless Post!






Ladies Liberty

So last night I met up with my work thot for some food and dranks.  Although I don’t drink anymore I still ate and was a savage.  Its period season so ya’ll women know that means just shovel food as fast as possible into your mouth.  So we decided to go to the Liberty (I work right across the street) and invited another old coworker.  Course we hashed, browed and burned through gossip.

I ordered the turkey burger with duck fat fries (yea DUCK FAT), my one friend stayed safe with the margarita pizza, and the other ordered a Thai beef salad.  The burger was made with a chipotle mayo and had standard toppings with a side salad.  The turkey was seasoned and moist, which if anyone has made ground turkey knows that’s hard to do.  The fries were liberally coated in chopped garlic (yaaas!).  Now being that its shark week (click for reference) one could not be expected to NOT get desert.  Enter double chocolate cookies, with ice cream and fudge sauce.  Nuff said.

Overall a good place, with a decent selection of food and drinks.  Sadly the ambiance was a bit on the louder side but hey after a few Moscow mules who notices!  Overall 4 out of 5 forks.



Fancy Friday’s! OOTD 11.13.15

So todays OOTD is courtesy of a friends sisters sweet 16.  Which if anyone works in an office, if you show up on Friday with anything other than sweats people ask lots of questions….

Which leads me into a tangent…what happened to getting dressed for work? Do you do it? Like? Dislike? Personally I like getting dressed also I was taught you never know who you might run into.

So heres the deets

Dress Burlington

Necklace Chloe+Isabel (duh!)

Shoes Aldo (old)


Ummm snap?

So two posts in one week! Look at me go!

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about this app that I found called Nail Snaps?  You can create nail art using images and do it via an app.  Well I finally tried them.  Disappointed.  Maybe it was my application skills but I just took them off after just 12 hours.

Now let me say, the packaging it super cute, easy enough to apply.  Two sizes regular and petite. Peel and stick, like how can you eff that up right?  Well first I had to get tweezers to take them off the sheet. Then I applied them, so far so good, pressed down filed the ends to remove the excess…..and then it got bumpy.  So the edges became warped and the sides did some weird lifting.  Because it has to be a specific applique I think as you file it pulls and makes the ends bubble and warp (or its me in my infinite slowness).

Now I love the idea, the application couldn’t be any easier, but ragged ends…. Oh no hunty!  The second best part?  It peels right off!  So while running some reports I pulled the bad boys off and no more rough edges for this girl.`I do have another set, so I guess I’ll give it the old college try?

Or go back to being basic……and getting a mani the old fashion way



P.S I peeped the video on the site, and I’m slow….


A medley OOTD’s

I have to say that my recent blogging has been atrocious….and for that I apologize but I’m sure you all can relate that sometimes life hits you like a sledgehammer.  So in an effort to get back on the ball I am posting about my past two days of outfits.  Now if you follow the fashiondeed you’ll prob notice that a lot of these items are on repeat.  Because like 95% of America I cant afford to be buying new ish every posting, nor am I famous enough to get gifted.

So yesterday was the classic all black NY chic ensemble (work appropriate)

Today is about that casual summer vibe, as if you know and live on the east coast you know that its like 70

Both outfits feature chloe+Isabel jewelry (like you need to ask!)

What are your fave pieces? Do you like what I’m posting?  Tell a gurl what you’re liking (or disliking) as I’d like to know.

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