To Mobile or Not…

As more and more people become entwined with their mobile phones brand will need to reach their consumers on these devices.   Almost 50% of internet time is spent on a smart phone and marketers can often tie data from various sources together to better target consumers.  Being able to target a consumer and relay a compelling message to drive a conversion is key, creating a mobile friendly site is also a critical factor to capture that sale.  You can use SMS, in app push notifications, beacon technology (Hello Target), in app banners, Facebook sponsored posts are some ways to create awareness for a product or brand.   

Look at Pinterest, who according to their own blog show that 90% of users make a purchase in app and up to 70% use the platform to find new products or services.  As a “pinner” (I mean is that even a term yet?) I often go to Pinterest to find information on products or idea and have clicked on quite a few in app paid posts.  Being able to find a product, click to a site to purchase and then use say Samsung pay creates a frictionless purchase path foe me as a consumer.   

Think about your own behavior, often you pick up your phone to do a quick voice search or type in a word.  Then based on results you can open in an app or navigate to the site.  This data is captured, and companies match back to their own first party data, so they can target you with ads that make sense as creepy as that is.  Mobile continues to see about a 40% growth year over year as a spending channel (p.348  Fulgoni) and as its cheaper than traditional adversting (I.e. video, print, and TV) more and more brands are leveraging it to see greater profitability.  Look at Starbucks and how they use the mobile app to maintain customer loyalty while creating awareness of instore events with push notifications.  Also, you can pay using the app and refilling your card is about as seamless as it can be. 

As we move deeper into mobile territory and always being on, I suspect that you will start to see more and more apps show adversting along with content driven by mobile device. 


Megan Marrs 

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer based marketing and why does it resonate? It’s almost like Gonzo based marketing, taken from the style of writing that catapulted Hunter S Thompson to notoriety.  Approaching a topic and applying humor and using shock to engage.  While not all the influencers interviewed have a shock value, I mean Logan Paul did recently this year and lost all his affiliations, the marketing is quick and quirky.  These people are trusted or reputable and are in the same demographics of the markets they are appealing to.  The platforms these influencers mention, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram allow them to interact and are easily sharable by whoever is consuming this content.

The role of the influencer is a dual role, from brand advocate to awareness of a product or brand.  They often work with brands and products them themselves believe in or use so followers are n=more likely to engage and buy, because they see them as trusted resources.  The strategy is also that they post frequently to stay top of mind and that they understand content needs to be different across channels.  For example, Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach, has done the opposite actually he shares the same images from Facebook to Instagram and but he posts funny content from memes, videos, photos and mixes it up.  Influencers can also be a force for change

Social media has changed how people interact with brands, from being just told about a brand and having a one-way dialogue, consumers are now driving the conversations with brands. Influencers are helping leverage and create brand loyalty where there might have been none previously.  With traditional PR it was who you knew and pitching ideas, now with social its throwing an idea out there and watching it gain traction.  This also means its more cost effective than traditional media and what company doesn’t like saving money? And they do they heavy lifting, build content, sharing and become the face people can trust.  More and more people take to social platforms to research and gather feedback before deciding. Using someone they deem as trustworthy or knowledgeable ranks your product higher.

Whirlpool and Customer Awareness


Whirlpool created a campaign called Every Day Care, which was an attempt at changing the dialogue they were having with consumers from just responding to negative complaints.  They realized that they needed t change comsuners perception of them nad the best way to do that is create brand ambassadors, and the best are those that are not sponsored or paid.    If you go to their website there is a tab called Every day, care where you can watch short videos and read various stats about simple acts that whirlpool helps with.  The success of this is based around real consumers sharing their experiences with whirlpool products in a positive light. In the submission for the shorty awards this was brought on by helping raise awareness that sometimes what are perceived as the most thankless chores, often have the biggest impact on someone lives from clean clothes, food, or other mundane tasks.   

They created a dedicated URL ( which allowed consumers to upload and share their stores and gave whirlpool access to authentic content from users that could be shared.  They also had a robust digital strategy including broadcast media spots and social awareness to drive awareness and consumer engagement.  According to the site “Following the campaign , Whirlpool saw 12% year-over-year unit growth and a 6.6% lift in sales. For context, the brand outperformed its category in both unit growth (+6%) and sales growth (+4.9%), respectively”.  This is effectively showed that by created an emotional connection with consumers whirlpool could in fact increase sales and company growth.  By creating loyal consumers they in turn created consumers who acted as brand advocates.   

YOu can see by visiting their Facebook page the amount of UGC that is uploaded and the engagement that is happening with the posts.   Even on twitter they are keeping the conversation going and they use the same hashtag across the platforms they are on, #EveryDayCare.  Which allows them to pull any content loaded with that tag into a platform so they can reshare it.  Instagram seems to be a bit challenging for them as the engagement is low but I think overall they did a great job with this and are still promoting this as its been so successful.  The recent everydaycare focuses on getting  to graduation and what work goes into that.  By getting consumers to think about experinces that are tied to emtional moments they created a dialouge and gave a place for consumers to realize those thankless chores really arent so thankless.

A day in digital

So I recently started going back to school and am taking a class in social media communications and we are writing blog posts about various things so I figured why not share it here!

So some of the firsts questions we have to answer are what brands/sites do we engage with, reflections on use of digital media, emails we get, and perceptions of digital media.  So first of all I work in digital marketing and have a solid background in email marketing so I am probably more hyper aware of all these things.  Some of my top sites are ( to stay in the know all things marketing), Bounce X, Amazon (who doesn’t engage with them?), Nordstrom, and a litiney of others depending on my needs at the time.  For social its instagram, iFunny, and facebook as my top social sites, which I barely use. I feel negative about a site or brand when I am given content that isn’t tailored to my shopping or browse behavior, or those pesky pop ups for email.  On the flip side I feel good about a brand if they can show me content or deliver an engaging brand experience from all channels, and its seamless.  I subscribe to many brands and each has a point that I enjoy about them, and because I need to be aware of what my competitors are doing.  I enjoy Nordstrom Rack as they appear to be tailored and offer product recommendations based on browse/purchase behavior.  Shoptiques does great theme based emails, Huckbeery has great men’s emails, Sak’s can have some good content layouts.  For emails its about content, copy and overarching message and making sure that when I click thru i get a relevant page of products.  Nordstroms did a great tech email like a year ago, where the email and landing page were animated and stylized after old school game graphics.

One of the biggest thing is creating a cohesive experience for customers across devices and channels without it being super creepy (like when an ad pops up for something you were thinking about).  I need to see different content on different channels, like social needs to be different from my email, the website needs to be a different feel than a Facebook ad, and in store needs to have its own piece.  Digital marketing is a key business driver as mobile usage rises and more and more people do research on phones and want things now.  Also millennials engage differently and expect a level of customer service and rely on other for input before buying.  They also want relevant content and experiences based on likes, browse, and spending style, so brands need to look at so much data, which has lead to an increase in digital strategy and analytics roles.

But what is interesting is that people will only read if they are engaged and need visual components as well.  As a marketer you have less than 2 seconds to capture attention and drive to a conversion.  And you have to look at the whole picture, email, digital, SMS and store to see a 360 customer view.

A Different Kinda Beet

Hey there blogosphere! Long time no post huh? I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to tell you about this place I just ate at this weekend in NYC, called The Little Beet Table.  Now I discovered this place via Instagram and immediately thought of some peeps I know that are gluten free.  Have a friend in from AK made this a great occasion to try it.  If you have ever tried to eat a GF diet you know it can be a bit challenging to find places let alone dishes that met your dietary requirements.  Some people have to for health reasons, but I am not a health blog so about this place…

The Little Beet is located along Park ave, nestled between building and fairly non-descript. The premise is that the menu is influenced by what is in season and healthy vegetables and whole foods.  (Not going to lie I was a bit dubious, until I looked at the menu and was sold on the sweet potato toast)  The interior is the same, simple and straight forward.  Menu covered the basics and then some, and don’t worry meat eaters there are some meats on the menu.

So my friend and I went in and ordered the banana bread with hazelnut butter, sweet potato toast, maple French toast and the roasted sweet potatoes.  Course I love me some taters (in like any format) so I was like a pig in shit.  Not only was the service friendly and on point so was the food.  I mean honestly I think neither one of noticed that we ate a mostly vegetarian meal.  The banana bread was delish, light, creamy and not to banana-y if you know what I mean.  My French toast was AHHHHHMAZING, covered in syrup and crème fraiche.  I think they used the banana bread as the base and I’m mad I never thought of it.  I also got the roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and olive oil.  HOLY COW, I think it will be my new go to for cooking them.  Everything was fresh, clean and seasoned just right and not over powering.

Overall I’d say 4 out of 5 forks, simply because of the sweet potatoes.  Even if you aren’t GF give it a try and see before you knock it.

Gaming Gear to Adore

I’ve noticed that ever since I bought a PS4 over a year ago there is nothing that I enjoy more than staying home and lounging around gaming.  One of my go to items is becoming yoga pants and a comfy top, plus with cats that get cat hair errrywhere I like to have “house clothes” and these work out great.  Plus sometimes I’m motivated to work out in an attempt to get back into shape and well nothing inspires me to do that more than fab workout clothes, am I right?  But who has that kind of time to shop for fun and maybe tres chic activewear?  Not I.  Enter subscription boxes….

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard about these.  You sign up to a brand (Julep, StichFix, Lost Blvd) and get monthly goodies delivered right to your door.  Try it, like it, keep it.  Pretty simple right?  Well if you’re like me maybe on occasion you want something, dare I say sexy???? Enter Adore Me.   What started out as a lingerie box subscription has also added on plus and activewear.   So like most services you take a quick quiz and they curate items for you.  Behold the magic of SCIENCE!  Then you pick and they ship it, like it, keep it.  It’s almost like a direct to consumer merchant so they can offer super great items at lower prices.  So here I’m thinking what a great idea this is.  Plus (I hope you’re not reading this mom) I can buy sexy undergarments….and not leave my apartment to do this.  Because that is soooooo 90’s…#aintnobodygottimeforthat

Look as women we all ENJOY wearing something sexy under our clothes and Adore Me’s mantra is “Its about what you leave on”.  Nothing can make us feel more empowered and confident then a great set of under garments (not to mention slimmer) trust me.  A new bra and I’m visually 10lbs lighter.  Go get a fitting and see.   I mean they are SO much more than just bra’s and panties now, so there is sure to be something for everyone.  Want to stay motivated to slay that workout?  Athleisure is not a new trend but seems to persist and Adore Me has some super cute styles, so you can look good either gaming or doing that downward dog pose. And even though I’m sitting around killing bosses and finding mystical quests, maybe I want to feel sexy yah dig?  Also nothing is better than a matching set and ladies is 2017, lets get with it.  Please invest in at least 2 matching sets of bra and panties (#stayclassy) and you can thank me later.  Wear it the next time you go for groceries, yoga or that Monday meeting and just see how you feel.

So click over and sign up today, refer a friend and get $15.  AND they have an app should you want to be strictly mobile, cause you know like why not? Treat yourself to some new gear and I’m sure the price will be just as good as waiting until someone has a sale.

P.S. FREE EXCHANGES-easy peasy ladies….



Plus I wanted you to see me in my natural environment LOL

Theres an App for that…

So recently I signed up for a newsletter from Tasting Table because well I love food, I mean who doesn’t right?  Plus living in the NYC one is bombarded with countless places to eat it’s almost impossible to keep up.  I signed up because I wanted reciepes and things to know about NYC food scene (ummm food blogger here) and liked how TT had it all together.  So I get the email and scroll down and see a call out for this app called DINE.  Not to be confused with the dating app….

But there is a serious lack of food dining apps that allow you to curate what you want to eat.  I had one years ago and well they went the way of the dodo so DINE it is.  I love that the app allows you to search be hood, food type and even “hot spots”.  So I honestly have yet to really use it but I figured all my foodies would enjoy knowing about this gem, as if your like me sometimes you want a new place but Google doesn’t give you want you want right away.  Plus what if you are on the go?  Who not open the app and find a place?  Hopefully this app will allow me to save faves along with reviews.

I will report back once I have used it and let you know my success.  But if you have it let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Buen provecho!