Ask and you shall receive

Ok, so I am asking that the blog world help me out here.  I am wanting to become successful with chloe+isabel so that it becomes my primary job.  So here is what I am asking, please click the link below and make a purchase even if its a bracelet.  I need to sell another $400 to make my goal so I’m asking all of you to purchase or forward the information to someone that would be interested.  So click the link to start shopping and get FREE shipping on orders over $100.  Thanks to everyone that likes or purchases, you wont be disappointed!

A haute house of flower OOTD 6/28/13

So recently as you all know I left my job of 10 yrs and am starting over. I left the negative behind and am embracing the positive. Selling Chloe+Isabel jewelry is something that make me happy. However until I am pulling in a steady pay I’m interviewing for various jobs. So here’s my outfits from the past two days incorporating my jewels from Chloe+Isabel.  And remember you can get these gems on my boutique at 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Fashion Mavens

So I’ve been thinking about the women who drive my personal style and the I would love to emulate.  many women come to mind naturally first is my mother who always encouraged me to wear what I wanted (and I’m sure there were times that she regretted that lol), my aunt Theresa who is the embodiment of bohemian chic, my grandmother on my stepdads side who was casual chic, and im sure I can continue.  As I got older of course my tastes changed and I wen through various phases.  As a adult there are three women that I love their style and they drive me to want to dress better.  Iris Apfel who in her golden years is designing jewelry, doing various collaborations and has a bohemian uptown aesthetic.  Of course Daphne Guinness who takes extreme risks and is the embodiment of haute couture.  And last but not least a friend of mine Keda whose street style effortless blends hightops with thick gold chains to heels and snapbacks.  As a female we go through so many incarnations in style and all of these women have helped shaped my style sense over the years.  So to all the people that have shaped and continue to help my style evolve thanks!

who inspires you?