Sunday brunch in Brooklyn

So today some friends and I went to have lunch in downtown Brooklyn at this spot called Cafe Lafayette, a french bistro.  Its located on the corner of Portland and Fulton and pretty nondescript. If you go look for the headless cock (seriously there is a headless rooster outside).  The interior is small and intimate, holds at most 15 people.  The menu is fairly straight forward, I ordered the french toast with eggs, there was an order of burgers, steak and croquet monsieur.  Everyone said the food was good and the french toast was light and fluffy served with a side of raspberry syrup. The coffee was fairly on point as well, nice a strong the way I like it.  The service was good as well as the waitress engaged in a conversation with us.  The french toast was $10 and the burgers about $12 so decently priced and decent serving sizes.  Overall I would give four out of five forks.  Here is the link as well.

Cafe Lafayette

The French and cleaning

So thanks to I just discovered this site called French Garment Cleaners Co. Now the email that I got mentioned bag but lo and behold they also sell clothing. I came across this black and white dress in a floral print and a perforated leather bag (these will be great together or with other pieces). I’ll admit the prices are more than what my meager wages can afford, but def some inspirational pieces and possibly good investment pieces as well.