A One of A Kind Shoegasm

So in my trolling of all things website window shopping (mainly via Pinterest) I came across this company called Spring.  So trolling for things I don’t really neeeeed but would like, I came across these shoes (# to the OMFG) and I was like BAM mama needs these in her life stat!  So click, end up seeing that they are made by a brand called Shoes of Prey….so click to the site and holy hot shit batman, the mother load!

The premise of the site is to design custom shoes…yes you read that right.  Shoes THAT YOU design! How freaking cool! If your like me, if i’m dropping more than $100 I need something that no every thirst trap, bucket or wanna be is going to be rocking.  So naturally I’m sold and I haven’t even created a pair.  Think pumps, flats, stilletos, wedges, its endless.

So you go to the site (here) and they walk you through creating a pair of shoes just for you. It’s a 3D designer and you select the shape, colors and all that jazz that will make these uniquely yours.  I mean they also have some standard issue styles that you can scoop up, but COME ON making your own?  Yes please.

So I for one may treat myself to a pair of one of a kind Jessica shoes.  Check it out and let me know what you think or if you design your own!



Rings With Style

So recently I discovered an online auction site called invaluable.com and came across their fantastic selection of ringsAfter scrolling for a bit through simple bands to antique art deco statement rings I came across a stunner. You can filter to stone, metal, and style to better determine what you might be looking for. Naturally having expensive taste (but not the $$ to support it), and being a September baby I’m drawn to sapphires and found this awesome geometric one with a diamond as an accent piece. I love the simplicity of the style as well as the fact that the sapphire is a triangle cut. Which is not your average setting.

I envision this ring in a classic edgy style like Olivia Palmero, with belted hi-waisted flannel pants, crisp white button down and a classic jacket. Now it can go either way classy or casual, so I gave you tow options on shoes. And being that I live in NYC you know it goes both ways. Maybe you’re out for an interview or on a girl’s night out. The ring transitions beautifully with either and becomes the focal point of the outfit with the pop of color from the sapphire. The grays are a pseudo neutral and let the ring do all your talking. I also loved the shape as I have a similar setting and love that it’s a conversation starter.
So the next time you’re struggling with where to get that “guuurl, where did you get that ring?” head over to invaluable.com and scoop up a one of a kind item.

 Check them out here! http://www.invaluable.com/

New Look New You

As any women who has hit her 30’s will tell you its another time of reinventions.  Redefining your adult self.  There is an article in ELLE where Meghan O’Rourke speaks about finally becoming an adult and letting go of clothes that didn’t fit with her new grown self. So thanks to the people at Racked.com they put together a list of the top 15 new designers of 2014.  From CDFA winners to unknowns, your sure to find a style that matches who you want to be in your 30’s.  You can even check out the full list of the top 50 newbies as well.  So for those of you who are about to or have hit your 30’s, embrace the change and remember what you were is an outer calling card.  So dress well and let me know who you like best.


Photo from Rosie Assoulin

Photo from Novis

Baubles and NYC

Like Bauble Bar? Needing some new bling? Want to update the wardrobe but don’t want to spend a fortune? Thenc check out Bauble Bar’s upcoming sample sale next week. Allegedly styles will be starting at $10! So sign up for early access via the link below and let me know what you scored in the sale!
Tag me on IG as bkblueagave or use hashtag fashionfeednyc
P.S Thanks Racked.com for the heads up!

Laying the foundation

ladies, lets talk about starting with a foundation for your outfit.  BRAS…..  If your like me bra shopping is the one form of shopping I’d avoid at all costs.  But its a fundamental foundation for wearing clothes, the right bra will make you look perky and 10 lbs slimmer.  Trust me, I’ve seen it on myself. So recently I realized that I needed some new bras, the ones I have about a year old and really non-supportive.  So I went to barenecessities.com and took a look see, then I though, when was the last time I got a fitting?  Longer than I will admit here, so after yelp’ing I came across intimacy NYC and was like well lets give it a whirl.

I went to the location on Third Ave and met with Eloisa, who promptly assessed my needs and proceeded to find stlyes that were cute and supportive.  Now if you know this, good for if not here is a lesson,  a good bra will life your breasts up, support them lovingly and make you look 10  lbs lighter.  Eloisa pointed  out that I was wearing the wrong size, I was closer to a 40F.  Instead of measuring me she took a look and knew exactly the style and sizes I needed.  Eloisa says that the motto at Intimacy is to fit your body, so that means understanding different bras fit differently. After trying on about 5 styles it was time to narrow them down, but not to worry she made me a wish list.  So when I go back they can pull up the styles that I like and make my life easier.

While the store doesn’t look like there is much, they do have drawers of bras.  Not to mention swimwear, which if you are larger than a C you know its challenging to find one that has support.  So ladies take a moment go get fitted and see the difference in how you stand and even how your clothes drape.  I for one will definitely be back to shop. 

check them out here http://myintimacy.com/

Denim Woes Solved!

First let me say sorry for not posting for the past couple of months, but I decided that I wanted to take three classes this semester (why I have no real idea) hence the lack of posts.  But I am now that much closer to graduating (woot woot), so thank you for your patience.
Trolling my emails this morning I came across an article from Racked.com about the 23 best places to buy denim, and most of the do have a website.  So if you don’t live in NYC have no fear you to can partake of these great styles.   The list features some classic names such as AG Jeans, Rag n Bone, GAP, and Levi’s.  There are even some newbies like Mavi jeans.  But sadly most of these jeans are $100 or more, so what about budget friendly options?
Hence my addition to the list with some spots that I have found offer a great selection at reasonable pricing.  LOFT, Alloy, New York & Company, as these brands offer tall lengths (because women over 5’8 like to wear jeans) plus offer a variety of styles.  Having gone to various places and tried on jeans to be disappointed in cut and fit, LOFT ranks as my top tip.  It sits ON my waist (not below it) and has stretch, plus they have a curvy style (cause a girl got some hips!).  So while yes, most the brands listed are great, what about us 99% that don’t want to have $200 for jeans?  Now mind you, this is just my take.  I want to know what is your go to brand?  What do you like about them?  Have you tried any of the listed ones?

Read the full article here  and let me know your thoughts!

help a sistah out!

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