Need an asssitant?

So recently I had the pleasure of attending a meetup even hosted by a high school classmate of mine who has launched her own business called PA for a Day.  The premise of this is that if you need help for a day or more you pay a small fee (starting at $20 an hour) and you can have your own personal assistant.  This person will pick up laundry, groceries, walk your dogs or do anything that you cant get to in the course of the day.  Click on the link below for more info and tell her Jessica sent you!

PA for a Day

Fashion Mavens

So I’ve been thinking about the women who drive my personal style and the I would love to emulate.  many women come to mind naturally first is my mother who always encouraged me to wear what I wanted (and I’m sure there were times that she regretted that lol), my aunt Theresa who is the embodiment of bohemian chic, my grandmother on my stepdads side who was casual chic, and im sure I can continue.  As I got older of course my tastes changed and I wen through various phases.  As a adult there are three women that I love their style and they drive me to want to dress better.  Iris Apfel who in her golden years is designing jewelry, doing various collaborations and has a bohemian uptown aesthetic.  Of course Daphne Guinness who takes extreme risks and is the embodiment of haute couture.  And last but not least a friend of mine Keda whose street style effortless blends hightops with thick gold chains to heels and snapbacks.  As a female we go through so many incarnations in style and all of these women have helped shaped my style sense over the years.  So to all the people that have shaped and continue to help my style evolve thanks!

who inspires you?

Calling all the pretty people

So recently everyone has been posting/tweeting about a statement made by the CEO of Abercrombie&Fitch that he refuses to make larger sized clothing.  Everyone is all up in arms saying that people should boycott them and what a terrible person he is.  First let me say this, main stream fashion is all about supporting the status quo, and that means skinny and pretty.  My point to everyone is how is A&F any different than say H&M, Zara, Express, Aero, d’Elias, Victoria Secret, Limited, Small boutiques, and even large department stores where the plus sized clothing is pushed to the back?  The only difference is he has openly stated his beliefs and been honest about what their demographic is.  Lets face it, have you ever been to an A&E and seen an “ugly” person?  A&E to me is a juniors store, not an adult clothing brand, and I think as a society if this bothers us then let us rally against models, the status quo, and social media that dictates to us that we need all look like Giesle Bundchen. 

I’m not saying he’s right but I think we all need to take a step back and realize that obesity is an epidemic and maybe if we weren’t so fat it wouldn’t be a problem.  And before you get all worked up let me give you my stats, 5’9, 204 lbs, and not a classic beauty so simmer down.  If you don’t agree with his statement then don’t shop there, I don’t because clearly i’m not their target customer.  I personally give him credit for making a statement and standing by it. 

How do you feel?