A One of A Kind Shoegasm

So in my trolling of all things website window shopping (mainly via Pinterest) I came across this company called Spring.  So trolling for things I don’t really neeeeed but would like, I came across these shoes (# to the OMFG) and I was like BAM mama needs these in her life stat!  So click, end up seeing that they are made by a brand called Shoes of Prey….so click to the site and holy hot shit batman, the mother load!

The premise of the site is to design custom shoes…yes you read that right.  Shoes THAT YOU design! How freaking cool! If your like me, if i’m dropping more than $100 I need something that no every thirst trap, bucket or wanna be is going to be rocking.  So naturally I’m sold and I haven’t even created a pair.  Think pumps, flats, stilletos, wedges, its endless.

So you go to the site (here) and they walk you through creating a pair of shoes just for you. It’s a 3D designer and you select the shape, colors and all that jazz that will make these uniquely yours.  I mean they also have some standard issue styles that you can scoop up, but COME ON making your own?  Yes please.

So I for one may treat myself to a pair of one of a kind Jessica shoes.  Check it out and let me know what you think or if you design your own!



Meals Delivered?

Do you ever struggle with picking out a meal for the night? To tired to go to the store, shop and figure out what you are going to make?  How about you don’t even know what things to pull together for a meal.   
Allow me to introduce you to plated.com and blueapron.com
Plated and Blue Apron both look to bring local sustainable meals to your table.  How do they do this?  By letting you select meal options and having the ingredients delivered right to your door.  They eliminate the guesswork of planning a meal and remove the hassle of going to the store to shop.  Thanks to Facebook and my news feed that is how I came across this service.  Which as a New Yorker I think takes regular grocery delivery and steps it up.  Now I can pick preplanned meals have it shipped (in a BIODEGRADABLE box) and eat healthy.  WHAT WHAT!
Here is what Entrepreneur had to say about the start up plated.com
New York City-based Plated.com is on a mission to help Americans eat better. Each week, seven recipes are featured on the Plated menu, including four healthy meat and fish options and three unique vegetarian dishes. You pick the recipe you want to prepare and eat, and Plated will deliver all of the pre-portioned meat, fish, spices, proteins, and produce — plus a chef-designed recipe card.
So, no more having to buy too much meat or spices for your simple dinner for one or two. “Plated.com uses tech and data-driven operations to remove waste from the broken American food supply chain,” the company says. Plated already delivers to 90 percent of the lower 48 states and is “doubling the business” every six weeks.
So if your looking to eat healthy but don’t have the time or energy to shop and think about meals, this might be the best way to go.  I’m going to give it a try and I’ll report back on it.  Between work and school I don’t have the time to shop or even the energy to think about meals.  And yea, I’m tired of having to buy food for one meal and then tossing it, so this may just be what I’ve been searching for. The biggest draw back with plated is that it is a yearly membership where blue apron appears to be on a weekly basis.

Check them out and let me know what you think!


Feliz nuevo ano! Happy New Years! Bonnes Annéesευτυχισμένο το νέο ετών!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great 2013.  I compiled all my photos from 2013 on IG so check me out at bkblueagave and leave a comment.  I hope you and yours have a wickedly fun NYE and that 2014 is filled with love, laughter and happiness.  Dont forget to follow me everywhere that I am
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Noele’s Online DivaFest

Hey blogosphere I have an online event happening tomorrow for my good friend Noele.  She’s looking to get the overlapping disk necklace for FREE, but needs your help. Sales need to hit $400 so click over starting 9/19 and make a purchase. Even a $20 purchase helps. All the jewelry is back by a FREE lifetime replacement guarantee and 30 day refund. So help my good friend and make a purchase. Make sure to enter Noeles Online DivaFest as the hostess when checking out!


Show your support

Hey blog world I’m running a fundraiser on my boutique for Breast cancer since I know a few people that have been affected by this. 20% of the total purchase will be donated to the Susan G Komen foundation. So I ask that everyone take a moment and make a purchase and share this with your friends. All purchases over $50 by 8/20 will be entered to win $25 off their next purchase over $75. When checking out enter “Raquel” at checkout and thank you for your support.  This cancer has affected my aunt and many personal friends, I’m sure you know someone who has been affected.