A Different Kinda Beet

Hey there blogosphere! Long time no post huh? I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to tell you about this place I just ate at this weekend in NYC, called The Little Beet Table.  Now I discovered this place via Instagram and immediately thought of some peeps I know that are gluten free.  Have a friend in from AK made this a great occasion to try it.  If you have ever tried to eat a GF diet you know it can be a bit challenging to find places let alone dishes that met your dietary requirements.  Some people have to for health reasons, but I am not a health blog so about this place…

The Little Beet is located along Park ave, nestled between building and fairly non-descript. The premise is that the menu is influenced by what is in season and healthy vegetables and whole foods.  (Not going to lie I was a bit dubious, until I looked at the menu and was sold on the sweet potato toast)  The interior is the same, simple and straight forward.  Menu covered the basics and then some, and don’t worry meat eaters there are some meats on the menu.

So my friend and I went in and ordered the banana bread with hazelnut butter, sweet potato toast, maple French toast and the roasted sweet potatoes.  Course I love me some taters (in like any format) so I was like a pig in shit.  Not only was the service friendly and on point so was the food.  I mean honestly I think neither one of noticed that we ate a mostly vegetarian meal.  The banana bread was delish, light, creamy and not to banana-y if you know what I mean.  My French toast was AHHHHHMAZING, covered in syrup and crème fraiche.  I think they used the banana bread as the base and I’m mad I never thought of it.  I also got the roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and olive oil.  HOLY COW, I think it will be my new go to for cooking them.  Everything was fresh, clean and seasoned just right and not over powering.

Overall I’d say 4 out of 5 forks, simply because of the sweet potatoes.  Even if you aren’t GF give it a try and see before you knock it.

Brunching In Maysville

So in an effort to bring you more content I went brunching this past Saturday with a friend.  We went to Maysville over on 26th in the Flatiron area and I must say, its definitely a little gem.  Pretty obscure as there was just a small sign above the place, very kinda speak easyish.  Which given that they are a whiskey joint (also a huge part as to why I picked it).  So the interior is very straightforward with the exception of the bar, which kind of made me think of the grand bars you used to find say circa 1940’s and earlier.  Wood, marble and glass to give it that refined industrial feel, which if you read the ditty on the site its named after the port that shipped out some whiskey.

So my friend ordered the Chef’s breakfast which entailed eggs and meat and I got the French toast.  We both had been drinking the night prior so we needed some heavy starches to bind to the alcohol.  I got regular coffee which had a nice chicory taste, great to cut though the syrup.  I topped off my meal with roasted potatoes, and sweet babay jesus they were soooooo tasty.  The French toast was a thick brioche covered with ricotta and fruit compote.  Super tasty and flavors worked well together and it was more than enough to leave us filled.  And did I mention the potatoes?  Must be an Eastern European thing, because I can’t get enough of potatoes, and these were small reds roasted with a hint of salt. Like I would go back just for those bad boys.

Overall we both agreed we’d go back as it was super chill and the ambiance was pretty low key which is nice.  Plus the food was delish so I’d say 4 out of 5 forks.  So if you’re in the Flatiron area go peep it.

Dates 2 Save..

Happy Holiday season ya’ll!!! I’m sure that many of you are midstream with holiday shindigs and shenanigans, so Buen Provecho!  If your the person planning said soiree….well may the force be with you.  One of the biggest issues I find when planning my own parties is getting people to RSVP in a timely manner, so that I know how much food to cook. or alcohol to buy. (and my friends are savages for food and dranks….)

So I got ‘ta thinking about New Years and planning a paaaaarty.  Heeello Pinterest! If you need to find ideas and inspo this be the place of all things DIY, cooking, random ish and all easily accessible via tags and key words (kinda like SEO).  So I started collecting ideas for NYE ideas, but then I was like all these ideas are great for any kind of party or even a WEDDING! See what I gathered so far right hurr.

I think the thing that I like most about the board is that they are colors and ideas that work well for anything.  Some of the pins are wedding related, but you could do a birthday, black tie, or a cocktail party.

So after trolling the pin for an ungodly amount of time, I started thinking about save the dates and invitations.  I mean there HAS to be an easier way than going to a stationary store (yes, they DO exist!), something app related y a know.  Cause lets face it, in this day and age if there isnt an app, your going the way of the dodo.  And what did I remember….my  paperless post app! Bazinga! Doneish…..

I was introduced to this a few years a ago via a hostess for a Chloe+Isabel party I did, and well like most relationships it started rocky, but nooooooooow I’m in love with paperless post app.  I mean they have a traditional website, but thats like so 90’s.  The great thing about this company is not only do they do E invitations, but they also do physical invitations. So if you need to send invites or a save the date, say for a wedding, birthday, fancy event, sweet 16, quinceanera, dinner party, a “screw it I’m fabulous” party or really anything they’ve got you covered.

So you can create an awesome save the date and either email it or request to have it printed, you can personalize it with your own photos.  It’s all pretty easy add the copy (like what you want to say) and viola done.  So head on over and check them out, and download that app!  Make your future invites easy peasy with Paperless Post!





Ladies Liberty

So last night I met up with my work thot for some food and dranks.  Although I don’t drink anymore I still ate and was a savage.  Its period season so ya’ll women know that means just shovel food as fast as possible into your mouth.  So we decided to go to the Liberty (I work right across the street) and invited another old coworker.  Course we hashed, browed and burned through gossip.

I ordered the turkey burger with duck fat fries (yea DUCK FAT), my one friend stayed safe with the margarita pizza, and the other ordered a Thai beef salad.  The burger was made with a chipotle mayo and had standard toppings with a side salad.  The turkey was seasoned and moist, which if anyone has made ground turkey knows that’s hard to do.  The fries were liberally coated in chopped garlic (yaaas!).  Now being that its shark week (click for reference) one could not be expected to NOT get desert.  Enter double chocolate cookies, with ice cream and fudge sauce.  Nuff said.

Overall a good place, with a decent selection of food and drinks.  Sadly the ambiance was a bit on the louder side but hey after a few Moscow mules who notices!  Overall 4 out of 5 forks.



Parting is such sweet sorrow….

Sunday I had brunch with some friends who are moving to LA at this spot called Maya.  The place is listed as modern Mexican and Tequileria that offers small plates and good food.  BUT they also offer a true unlimited brunch, so for $43 you can get two hours of all you can eat and drink. BAM!  My fatass was happy to know this and planned to go in (once I sat down of course).

We had everything from empanadas, lamb tacos, chicken enchiladas, salad, to caramel French toast with Nutella and crema fresca.  The coffee is great and I heard the drinks were as well.  My only real issue was the noise level, obviously after you have enough semi drunk people the music goes up and then of course so does the noise.  Overall 4 out of 5 forks.

Buen Provicho


Les Halles      

So the other weekend the bf and I meet you with a friend of the family to celebrate my recent graduation from FIT as Les Halles.  Yes that’s right I am now the proud owner of an AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management….not sure what it will translate into but all I know is that I’m DONE with school.

So we went to the location on Park Ave and it was almost like stepping into Moulin Rogue.    The premise of the restaurant is taking major components of French cuisine and culture to create and eatery.  Dark woods, reproduction vintage posters, and turn of the century solid wood bar completed the look.  The menu was straight forward and the brunch was $18 per person and included a drink of your choice.  The coffee comes in a French press, and honestly could have been stepped a bit longer for my liking, but hey who am I?  I got the veggie omelets(aka the Ratatouille) and my bf got the Florentine eggs.  Food was good and just enough portion wise to fill you up.  I think they used fake eggs for my omelet (boo) but the veggies were delish and cooked just right.

I would recommend this place for price and ambience alone.  If your into vintagy old timey places this might be right up your alley.  Overall 3 out of 5 forks.

PS was rocking that color code from Chloe+Isabel


Buenos Aires

So Friday I was feigning for some beef, if ya know what I mean…and I had heard about this Argentinean steakhouse downtown over on 6th St and Ave A.   So off me and the novio went for some steak and quality time.  I had read about this place and been meaning to make my way on down. Since I got out early we got there before the dinner rush.  The place has exposed brink that is covered with pennants from various footbol (aka soccer to us Anglos) leagues.   There was also TV’s broadcasting the games.  As the dinner crowd showed up the candles came out and the lights went down.  The service was good, our waiter had more personality then the hostess and was great about keeping up with us.  We started with bread and butter, and he ordered the beef kabobs and I got the skirt steak with mashed potatoes.  A note, if you are not a serious meat eater, I would avoid this place as the Argentineans are KNOWN  for beef.

And we were not disappointed either.  My steak came with the traditional chimichurri sauce and was cooked to perfection (medium well).   My novio’s kabobs were tender and juicy and easy to eat.  Because nothing is worse than getting meat that is just this said of rawhide….. Overall the meat was tender and juicy and seasoned well.  Even my boyfriend was impressed with the tenderness of the meat.  Now of course if you have learned anything its that I also need desert.  So one panqueque de manzana y cafe coming up!  We got the apple crepe with ice cream and two coffees.   And man the coffee tasted like someone’s abuela put their ankles in it, sock and all (which is a good thing ask any Hispanic).  Overall the food was great and the service was decent.  I’d give it 4 out of 5 forks and cant wait to go back.