District tap house

So thanks to my job, I get to leave early on Fridays (wooo hooo).  After hitting up a sample sale I met with my friend and we went to the District Tap House, which is right on 38thbetween 7th and 8th avenues.   If you live in NYC you know it was a torrential downpour last night, but away we went.  She sold me on the place by mentioning the food, and you all know I love to eat.  After all “feed”  is in the blog name….  newho
It’s a fairly nondescript exterior, but like most things in NYUC don’t be fooled by outside appearances…the inside was spacious, with high ceilings.  They are a bar but they do have tables in the back of the place, we waited for about 7 minutes before one opened up.  I should also mention the FIFA world cup is going on so the sound level was redonculous.  We got one of the cozy corner booths, and our waitress was friendly and attentive.  Now here comes the food part…….the menu was simple and straight forward but the dishes were all about fusion and retakes on classics.  There was duck tacos, flatbread with pork belly, skirt steak with sweet potato fries, beef fat fries (that’s next time) and the beer menu, well that’s another blog post but it was extensive.
I ordered the bon vivant, which was a combo of gin, grapefruit, basil and a few other things.  It was a new taste palette but I loved the basil. Delish!  For food we got beef buns, cheese flatbread, vegetable sliders, and my homegirl ordered the skirt steak with fries.  The buns came in the steamer and were composed of cucumber, spicy mayo, a red beef.  It was a good combo of spice and cool.  The flatbread had three chesses and came with tomatoes and arguala.  The veggie sliders had a chipotle mayo on multi grain bun.  I loved all of it and was impressed with the fairly healthy options offered.  The skirt steak was marinated and glazed and served with field greens and sweet potato fries.  The fries were the sweet to the spice of the marinate on the steak.
The ambiance was nice and laid back, noisy (but that’s a bar for you) and the beer and food selection covered almost all tastes.  The place provided a great respite from the weather and it right between times square and the garment district.   So if you like beer and retakes on classics this is a good stop. 
I would give this 3.5 out of 5 forks.

Brunch at Oxford kitchen

So yesterday the BF and I went down to Atlantic term for some errands and decided to grab a bite to eat.  I’ve walked past this place and have made a mental note to check it out.  Oxford Kitchen is located at the crazy 5 way where Fulton, Lafayette, Hansen Pl and another street all meet up.  So in we went (me being sold on chicken and waffles…) and grabbed a table.  There was only one server who seemed indifferent about creating engagement due to being out all night. However the mimosas were B1G1 along with bloody marys or even a cucumber Bellini. We opted for mimosas, the BF ordered a prosciutto and egg sandwich and I the chicken a pumpkin and sage waffles. His was more like an open face ham and egg and my chicken was like breaded chicken strips.  The home fries were WELL seasoned and had some heat, it seemed to be the same seasoning that was used on my chicken.  The waffles were served with a maple butter and maple syrup. Initially there was no coffee, but half way through the waiter came by and asked if we wanted a cup.  It was delish (maybe its because i had nasty soy creamer that morning) and we spoke on things that couple do.  If your around stop in and check it out, overall 3 out of 5 forks.  


El Cid

So I’ve come to realize that I must be la reina de gays, since they always find me. Hence how I ended up here at el Cid last night. I was looking for a bite to eat and reading the menu when the very gay host came out and encouraged me to come in. I orders the tapas (since that’s what this place was about) and a drink.  The service was impeccable but the food was ok. They start you out with a snack dish of green olives and potato salad (I ordered another plate it was so good).  The actual tapas dishes were ok, but I rounded out my meal with dessert. I ordered the house special, which was bread marinaded in a wine served with Ice cream and a raspberry sauce. Cray! All in all not bad if your in the Chelsea area and want a bite. 3 out of 5 forks. 

Cold crystals and pearls OOTD 11/12/13

baby its cold outside…..and what better way to stay warm than a northface?  Remember the other week when I asked about form or function?  Clearly I’m all about function, being a warm weather baby  anything under 75 is cold.  So usually I’m the person that you see in a down jacket in September lol  but who says I cant be stylish under right?  What about you?  Stay warm or look good?  Are there any viable options that are cute and warm, let me know!
Cardigan Banana Republic (old)
Pants Banana Republic (old)
Necklace/Earrings my e-boutique (click here to shop)

Ring Grandmothers

Do the time warp

Like jerseys? Vintage throwbacks? Supple leather?  Then check out Mr. Throwback down on the LES for all things vintage sport related.  I cam across this article on Urban Daddy (which is like one the coolest sites ever!) and felt that I needed to share this with the blogoshpere.  So click the link below to learn more and the next time your in the LES walk over and share some photos.



Silly Shopper

So remember how I posted a list yesterday of the items that I want for fall?  Well thanks to my temp job I am right by the H&M in Herald Square!  So of course I decided to drop in during lunch and look what I found! Pleather sleeved jackets, cargo style anoraks, the cutest leather bag (which I might go back for) and some not so exciting infinity scarves.  I do have to give it up to H&M for the varied selection that they offer and the overall price.  However I personally hate having to dig through racks and stacks of clothing to not find my size.  I digress, what are you thoughts on the below items?