All Black OOTD’s (A few days in review)

So for today’s post I thought that I would bring you some of the outfits I wore this week.  As I’ve said before most everything is old and I re-wear clothes (oh the humanity!).  But because I take care of them they continue to live.  I took the photos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to show you what my typical outfits look like.  Now because I live in NYC black is the go to option for most everything (see Monday and Wednesday) and let’s face it, it’s easy.  It’s like black is quintessential to being a NY’er. No other city does all black as well as NYC and in a city that is this dirty and grimy black is it. I found a great article that I think sums it up from The Cut.  “We wear black because we’re not tourists here to see a show; because we are, in a sense, with the band. The band is New York, and the color is black.” As they say, all black eurrything….

Friday is all about jeans and my new top from Banana (Yea I treated myself gurl).  Now mind you all week I have rocked my little anorak jacket from Old Navy that I bought like 6 years ago.  Best $5 spent and like all things, take care of your stuff and things will last.

My point is this invest in quality pieces (take your cues from Europeans) and layer in fun throw away pieces that are trendy.  Not only does it make dressing easier but it’s fiscally sound and leaves you more money to go do shit like eating with friends, movies, and the stuff people do.

So here is the run down

All the jewelry is mostly Chloe+Isabel with some personal pieces

Clothing is a mix of Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LOFT, New Balance and Aldo Shoes because guess what at a certain point you know what brands work with your body type and these are it.

All my photos are taken with my trusty iPhone because guess what I don’t have anyone to take them for me.  But I like to think you , my readers, are ok with that because guess what…it makes me normal like you.  I also don’t filter anything or retouch I want you to see the real me.  Now I want to go on a shopping bender…FML #adulting sucks

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Its the bees knees OOTD 6/19/14

I wore my bee flats today, basic casual wear. I cant stand myself right now, two posts in 1 day! Check me out on IG at bkblueagave and give a girl a follow.

Top Target
Pants Loft (old)
Jacket Old Navy (old)
Necklace Chloe+Isabel (old)

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OOTD 2/21/14

Today I am rocking my new Alloy London Skinny jeans (love the stretch, not the falling down) and I paired it with a chambray top and of course C+I jewelry. However it has been suggested that I buy a belt to keep my pants from falling down…..

So I was led to these via a coworker who suggested I try them after I saw her in them. Who else has a hard time finding jeans that fit? Enough give but not baggy after 20 minutes? Then check out the London Super Skinny from Alloy (style 176066). Plus at about $30 its a good deal. The top is actually from the mens dept in Old Navy. I’m a busty gal so most manufactures for women’s clothing fail to realize that the bust area needs a bit more fabric for us larger girls. I got the skinny cut and for about $18 I’m pretty happy. So what do you think of my Friday work outfit?

Top Old Navy
Jeans Alloy Apparel
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High and Mighty OOTD 2/4/14

So I recently ordered my new morning tide collection from my e-boutique and just had to rock it (you know how that be). I also ordered some pants from Alloy Apparel. I like the pants because they are high waisted and skinny. After ordering I was informed that they ran a bit on the larger side, and after about a day of wear I’m getting the saggy booty/crotch look. its all good though, because I’m going to order the size 13 and see how those work out. I like the wash and cut, but the whiskering (aka the lines that highlight my crotch) is a bit much. On the plus side they do come in other colors, so no fear. OH! and the material is sturdy not that light stuff that will pill in your crotch after a wear…..

Sweater Old Navy (old)
Pants Alloy Apparel (Santana high waisted jeans)
Necklace/Earrings my e-boutique
Shoes Nine West (old)

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Chambray and Pearls OOTD 1/28/14

yea I did it, finally did it. I broke down a bought a chambray shirt……I scooped it up while at Old navy the other day. it actually the men’s skinny and it fits pretty great across the bust (not so much the hips if ya know what I mean). Also today is the first day of the spring semester, so I guess you could say that this is my school outfit. I think I might have found a new photographer…….

How do you feel about chambray?

Sweater Banana Republic (old)
Top Old Navy (new)
Pants Banana Republic (old)
Necklace and earrings my e- boutique

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yea, thats a brass knuckle mug, just how I roll




A polar what? OOTD 1/23/14

Last night I took myself down to Old Navy to look for a sweatshirt and this is one of the items that I came out with. A sparkly gray flecked sweater, a chambray top and another fuzzy sweatshirt. I am all about the sweatshirt look this year, comfy, casual, dressy and easy. What is your face style piece right now?

Sweatshirt Old Navy
Pants (old)
Shoes Report (super old)
Necklace and Bracelets my super cute and trendy chloe+isabel e-boutique!