A Different Kinda Beet

Hey there blogosphere! Long time no post huh? I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to tell you about this place I just ate at this weekend in NYC, called The Little Beet Table.  Now I discovered this place via Instagram and immediately thought of some peeps I know that are gluten free.  Have a friend in from AK made this a great occasion to try it.  If you have ever tried to eat a GF diet you know it can be a bit challenging to find places let alone dishes that met your dietary requirements.  Some people have to for health reasons, but I am not a health blog so about this place…

The Little Beet is located along Park ave, nestled between building and fairly non-descript. The premise is that the menu is influenced by what is in season and healthy vegetables and whole foods.  (Not going to lie I was a bit dubious, until I looked at the menu and was sold on the sweet potato toast)  The interior is the same, simple and straight forward.  Menu covered the basics and then some, and don’t worry meat eaters there are some meats on the menu.

So my friend and I went in and ordered the banana bread with hazelnut butter, sweet potato toast, maple French toast and the roasted sweet potatoes.  Course I love me some taters (in like any format) so I was like a pig in shit.  Not only was the service friendly and on point so was the food.  I mean honestly I think neither one of noticed that we ate a mostly vegetarian meal.  The banana bread was delish, light, creamy and not to banana-y if you know what I mean.  My French toast was AHHHHHMAZING, covered in syrup and crème fraiche.  I think they used the banana bread as the base and I’m mad I never thought of it.  I also got the roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and olive oil.  HOLY COW, I think it will be my new go to for cooking them.  Everything was fresh, clean and seasoned just right and not over powering.

Overall I’d say 4 out of 5 forks, simply because of the sweet potatoes.  Even if you aren’t GF give it a try and see before you knock it.


Brunching In Maysville

So in an effort to bring you more content I went brunching this past Saturday with a friend.  We went to Maysville over on 26th in the Flatiron area and I must say, its definitely a little gem.  Pretty obscure as there was just a small sign above the place, very kinda speak easyish.  Which given that they are a whiskey joint (also a huge part as to why I picked it).  So the interior is very straightforward with the exception of the bar, which kind of made me think of the grand bars you used to find say circa 1940’s and earlier.  Wood, marble and glass to give it that refined industrial feel, which if you read the ditty on the site its named after the port that shipped out some whiskey.

So my friend ordered the Chef’s breakfast which entailed eggs and meat and I got the French toast.  We both had been drinking the night prior so we needed some heavy starches to bind to the alcohol.  I got regular coffee which had a nice chicory taste, great to cut though the syrup.  I topped off my meal with roasted potatoes, and sweet babay jesus they were soooooo tasty.  The French toast was a thick brioche covered with ricotta and fruit compote.  Super tasty and flavors worked well together and it was more than enough to leave us filled.  And did I mention the potatoes?  Must be an Eastern European thing, because I can’t get enough of potatoes, and these were small reds roasted with a hint of salt. Like I would go back just for those bad boys.

Overall we both agreed we’d go back as it was super chill and the ambiance was pretty low key which is nice.  Plus the food was delish so I’d say 4 out of 5 forks.  So if you’re in the Flatiron area go peep it.

District tap house

So thanks to my job, I get to leave early on Fridays (wooo hooo). After hitting up a sample sale I met with my friend and we went to the District Tap House, which is right on 38th between 7th and 8th avenues. If you live in NYC you know it was a torrential downpour last night, but away we went. She sold me on the place by mentioning the food, and you all know I love to eat. After all “feed” is in the blog name…. newho

It’s a fairly nondescript exterior, but like most things in NYUC don’t be fooled by outside appearances…the inside was spacious, with high ceilings. They are a bar but they do have tables in the back of the place, we waited for about 7 minutes before one opened up. I should also mention the FIFA world cup is going on so the sound level was redonculous. We got one of the cozy corner booths, and our waitress was friendly and attentive. Now here comes the food part…….the menu was simple and straight forward but the dishes were all about fusion and retakes on classics. There was duck tacos, flatbread with pork belly, skirt steak with sweet potato fries, beef fat fries (that’s next time) and the beer menu, well that’s another blog post but it was extensive.
I ordered the bon vivant, which was a combo of gin, grapefruit, basil and a few other things. It was a new taste palette but I loved the basil. Delish! For food we got beef buns, cheese flatbread, vegetable sliders, and my homegirl ordered the skirt steak with fries. The buns came in the steamer and were composed of cucumber, spicy mayo, a red beef. It was a good combo of spice and cool. The flatbread had three chesses and came with tomatoes and arguala. The veggie sliders had a chipotle mayo on multi grain bun. I loved all of it and was impressed with the fairly healthy options offered. The skirt steak was marinated and glazed and served with field greens and sweet potato fries. The fries were the sweet to the spice of the marinate on the steak.
The ambiance was nice and laid back, noisy (but that’s a bar for you) and the beer and food selection covered almost all tastes. The place provided a great respite from the weather and it right between times square and the garment district. So if you like beer and retakes on classics this is a good stop.

I would give this 3.5 out of 5 forks.

Check them out here









Reality OOTD 1/17/14

Its FRIDAY snitches! So that means comfort, right? So often I look at all these photos on IG, blogs ect and I’m like in the real world where I reside only a handful of people A. dress this way and B. can actually afford/pull it off. So I feel that my style is all about what a working woman wears out and about. Tell me your thoughts about your style.

Sweater Banana republic (old)
Pants Loft
Snow Boots Zappos (tims and old)
Bracelet my e-boutique





What is style?

What is style?

According to the dictionary it is a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed. Fashion is defined as a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. Your probably asking where am I going with this right? Coco Chanel summed it up nicely saying Style is what you do with fashion.

As someone that writes about fashion, works in fashion, and people watches, I am always amazed by peoples personal takes on fashion. I learned in one of my classes that there are levels such as innovators, leaders, masses, late adaptors and well those that just don’t care. With social media and that thing they call the internet I think that the lines between those groups have blurred a bit. So now styles from Paris hit stores in America in less than 3 mo (ballpark here). But what interests me is how fashion is so closely tied to our social standing and how we use it to leverage ourselves, and what others consider style. Am I making sense? I want to keep this short and sweet lol. I am always amused by how many labels people in urban areas wear versus people that live in a more affluent area. I see more LV’s, Gucci’s, MCM and various designer brands on my block in Brooklyn than on 5th Ave. And its all logo heavy items, to scream at you “look at me and what I label I’m wearing” and trust me when I say I live in the hood (like brownsville hood). I get that buy buying these “labels” maybe you feel like you belong and that suddenly luck will favor you. However I think the most stylish people are the ones that can effortlessly combine (non logo) products with reproduction or knockoffs. But a lot is also just confidence in yourself.

I found a great article about this and think you should read it. Comment and let me know your thoughts.



Tuesday Blues OOTD 1/14/14

So in trying to keep with maintaining a professional appearance while at work I am wearing my fantastic slacks from limited. Plus today is Tuesday and I realize that the A/C at my job is set to artic freeze. hence the heavy on the sweater looks

Cardigan NY&Co (old)
Top Banana republic (old)
Pants Limited (old)
Shoes Naturalizer (old)
Necklace Poshamrk