A Different Kinda Beet

Hey there blogosphere! Long time no post huh? I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to tell you about this place I just ate at this weekend in NYC, called The Little Beet Table.  Now I discovered this place via Instagram and immediately thought of some peeps I know that are gluten free.  Have a friend in from AK made this a great occasion to try it.  If you have ever tried to eat a GF diet you know it can be a bit challenging to find places let alone dishes that met your dietary requirements.  Some people have to for health reasons, but I am not a health blog so about this place…

The Little Beet is located along Park ave, nestled between building and fairly non-descript. The premise is that the menu is influenced by what is in season and healthy vegetables and whole foods.  (Not going to lie I was a bit dubious, until I looked at the menu and was sold on the sweet potato toast)  The interior is the same, simple and straight forward.  Menu covered the basics and then some, and don’t worry meat eaters there are some meats on the menu.

So my friend and I went in and ordered the banana bread with hazelnut butter, sweet potato toast, maple French toast and the roasted sweet potatoes.  Course I love me some taters (in like any format) so I was like a pig in shit.  Not only was the service friendly and on point so was the food.  I mean honestly I think neither one of noticed that we ate a mostly vegetarian meal.  The banana bread was delish, light, creamy and not to banana-y if you know what I mean.  My French toast was AHHHHHMAZING, covered in syrup and crème fraiche.  I think they used the banana bread as the base and I’m mad I never thought of it.  I also got the roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and olive oil.  HOLY COW, I think it will be my new go to for cooking them.  Everything was fresh, clean and seasoned just right and not over powering.

Overall I’d say 4 out of 5 forks, simply because of the sweet potatoes.  Even if you aren’t GF give it a try and see before you knock it.

Fashion, Food and….Fitness?

So like most people I have decided to start 2015 with getting fit. I came across this called fit girls and decided to give it a whirl. Now the premise of this is to give you an eating plan along with at home excises that you can do. I am taking the 28 day challenge (check out the photos on IG with #28daychallenge to see what’s happening) and so far I like what I see. With anything, please check with a doctor first! So after purchasing the eBook I was given 4 weeks of meals and workouts coupled with instructions and motivation techniques. The eBook also provided game plans and easy prep steps. Not going to lie, I started a day after as I failed to plan doing the meal prep but I’m digging it. Also there are rewards you earn for completing each week! And they encourage the consumption of CHOCOLATE!

Now I wont barrage you with photos of me in my before stages, but needless to say personally I feel that I have put on some extra layers and want to get more toned. The meal plan give you 3 meals and a snack, but because I know that I have to eat every 3 hours I plan on breaking out my lunch into smaller portions. You are given a total of 1400 calories, and before you whine that’s not enough it is. As Americans we don’t take the time to chew or drink lots of water. So if you feel that this isn’t enough check this out, the next time you plan on eating drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. Hungry? Ok now eat, but count to 20 to make sure that your food is properly masticated. Reason behind bloating and indigestion? Not chewing properly to prep the food for digestion….. The meals are tasty and filling and they even give you ideas to mix it up so its different. Also the eating plan calls for oatmeal, and that for me es no bueno so I switched it to Quinoa and yes it mean some more prep but worth it. So check out my posts on IG for the food at @bkblueagave to see what is in these meals.

The program also encourages you to get at least 30 minutes of activity EACH day…now here’s where I’m cheating. I have to take PE for school (yes to get my AAS I have to complete 2 credits..) so that class meets each day for the duration of this challenge.

Overall, I am looking forward to this and hoping that I can shed some weight and get toned. I know that I will never be the size I was in high school, but am hoping that this helps me develop better eating habits to use the rest of my life. Its a challenge to change your habits, but stick with it and find others to keep you motivated and you might just surprise yourself. If your doing this find me on IG and leave me some motivation and I’ll return the favor!



Meals Delivered?

Do you ever struggle with picking out a meal for the night? To tired to go to the store, shop and figure out what you are going to make? How about you don’t even know what things to pull together for a meal. Allow me to introduce you to plated.com and blueapron.com

Plated and Blue Apron both look to bring local sustainable meals to your table. How do they do this? By letting you select meal options and having the ingredients delivered right to your door. They eliminate the guesswork of planning a meal and remove the hassle of going to the store to shop. Thanks to Facebook and my news feed that is how I came across this service. Which as a New Yorker I think takes regular grocery delivery and steps it up. Now I can pick preplanned meals have it shipped (in a BIODEGRADABLE box) and eat healthy. WHAT WHAT!

Here is what Entrepreneur had to say about the start up plated.com
New York City-based Plated.com is on a mission to help Americans eat better. Each week, seven recipes are featured on the Plated menu, including four healthy meat and fish options and three unique vegetarian dishes. You pick the recipe you want to prepare and eat, and Plated will deliver all of the pre-portioned meat, fish, spices, proteins, and produce — plus a chef-designed recipe card.

So, no more having to buy too much meat or spices for your simple dinner for one or two. “Plated.com uses tech and data-driven operations to remove waste from the broken American food supply chain,” the company says. Plated already delivers to 90 percent of the lower 48 states and is “doubling the business” every six weeks.

So if your looking to eat healthy but don’t have the time or energy to shop and think about meals, this might be the best way to go. I’m going to give it a try and I’ll report back on it. Between work and school I don’t have the time to shop or even the energy to think about meals. And yea, I’m tired of having to buy food for one meal and then tossing it, so this may just be what I’ve been searching for. The biggest draw back with plated is that it is a yearly membership where blue apron appears to be on a weekly basis.

Check them out and let me know what you think!