Sssssssunday OOTD 8/18/13

Trying to bring my game back, had to drop of some Chloe+Isabel gems to a shop in DUMBO. Here’s to a great venture together that gains us both business 

Top Aqua
Pants Sample Sale
Shoes Hush Puppies
Jewelry (do you even need to ask? Lol) Chloe+Isabel of course 
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Career advice from IMAN?

So leave it to Rachael Zoe to do a women in fashion series, which I love.  These are women that I admire and wish to emulate and try to incorporate their advice into my life.  The recent one is with Iman, and she was the first black super model and married to David Bowie, and I think she is a classic beauty.  In the Q&A she speaks that women should network, as we love to lift up other women.  As far as fashion goes she wants women to maintain their femininity and not hide in men’s clothes.  Want to know more?  Click the link to read the full Q&A.  What is your take away?!%20Ad%3A%20ZGallerie%20Sweeps&utm_content=B

Be Creative Be You

So last week I got a great email from Daily Candy about an interview they did with Miki Agrawal about starting your own business and quitting the 9-5.  Find your passion and understand what fields they translate into.  Also look at your closest friends, are they mover and shakers or unmotivated and no goals?  You become what your environment is so look and evaluate what you surround yourself with.  This really resonated with me as I recently quit my job and am looking for work.  While I am selling the great chloe+isabel jewelry (which you all should check out my boutique) its not generating a real source of income.  Most of it is that I need to spend some time walking the beat and talking to people.  But I digress, after reading this article I think its time I sit down and look at what I enjoy doing and where I want to go.  Looking to make a change yourself?  Read the article and if you have left your job let me know how that worked out for you.

Robin Hoods Stylish Headscarves

So today while strolling through the web I came across this company that makes headscarves for women who are going through cancer or have serious hair loss.  I was moved as I personally know of women who are battling cancer and might need these.  The premise of the company is this “Tracey founded Robin Hoods upon her belief that no woman should be deprived of her self-confidence, dignity, and natural beauty as a result of hair hardship. Pairing the highest quality materials and thoughtful design, she created a product that appeals to women of all ages and style sensibilities, and makes the wearer look- and subsequently feel- better.”
WOW!  What a great idea and cause. As any female will tell you our hair is a major factor in our identity and self confidence when that is gone we struggle.  So share this if you know someone fighting cancer or might be interested.

Getting Some Nish Nush

Well of course I had to eat again!!! Ever wish your salad was a bit more filling or wanted customer blended hummus?  The Nish Nush on Reade st in NYC is for you.  I stopped in there later in the day to grab a bite to eat and well worth it.  I ordered the Halloumi salad and my BF ordered the regular salad.  The salad was lightly dressed but flavorful and quite filling.  There were walnuts and cucumbers in the mix.  I even tried thier tabbouleh which was light an lemony mmmmm.  There are large windows that open up to the street and limited seating.  To close out we ordered coffee and the baklava which were both well done.  Overall 3 out of 5 forks.