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-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-

Sometimes as a blogger I feel the need to strive to be this ideal that we feel is acceptable, buffed, photoshopped and perfect.  But if your anything like me and live in the real world you are not those things.  You are imperfect, flawed, lumpy, and use filters to make your images look better.  Well sometimes as a blogger, and as a female I feel that I need to let people see what I really look like.  No filter, or makeup done (gasp!) and that I am just a regular female in a world bombarded by images of what we perceive as perfection. Honestly, we must come to terms with our bodies and that they are great they way they are.  I suffer from insecurties like everyone else (just ask my BF about the verbal diarrhea i had the other night) yet he thinks I am the most gorgeous person he knows.  You know why?  My intellect and attitude about life. Ask any man and most likely he will tell you that he is attracted to confidence and attitude. It took me about 20 years before I could accept myself and know I will never be what society shows as an ideal female, i’m not skinny, I think my hair sucks most days, my mascara runs, I wear glasses, and I wear sneakers everywhere. But you know what, I’m healthy and happy and regardless the sun will rise and set everyday.

So I wanted to share some untouched photos of myself and show you that its ok to be you. Make sure to check me on the ‘gram at bkblueagave  and tell me your story

District tap house

So thanks to my job, I get to leave early on Fridays (wooo hooo).  After hitting up a sample sale I met with my friend and we went to the District Tap House, which is right on 38thbetween 7th and 8th avenues.   If you live in NYC you know it was a torrential downpour last night, but away we went.  She sold me on the place by mentioning the food, and you all know I love to eat.  After all “feed”  is in the blog name….  newho
It’s a fairly nondescript exterior, but like most things in NYUC don’t be fooled by outside appearances…the inside was spacious, with high ceilings.  They are a bar but they do have tables in the back of the place, we waited for about 7 minutes before one opened up.  I should also mention the FIFA world cup is going on so the sound level was redonculous.  We got one of the cozy corner booths, and our waitress was friendly and attentive.  Now here comes the food part…….the menu was simple and straight forward but the dishes were all about fusion and retakes on classics.  There was duck tacos, flatbread with pork belly, skirt steak with sweet potato fries, beef fat fries (that’s next time) and the beer menu, well that’s another blog post but it was extensive.
I ordered the bon vivant, which was a combo of gin, grapefruit, basil and a few other things.  It was a new taste palette but I loved the basil. Delish!  For food we got beef buns, cheese flatbread, vegetable sliders, and my homegirl ordered the skirt steak with fries.  The buns came in the steamer and were composed of cucumber, spicy mayo, a red beef.  It was a good combo of spice and cool.  The flatbread had three chesses and came with tomatoes and arguala.  The veggie sliders had a chipotle mayo on multi grain bun.  I loved all of it and was impressed with the fairly healthy options offered.  The skirt steak was marinated and glazed and served with field greens and sweet potato fries.  The fries were the sweet to the spice of the marinate on the steak.
The ambiance was nice and laid back, noisy (but that’s a bar for you) and the beer and food selection covered almost all tastes.  The place provided a great respite from the weather and it right between times square and the garment district.   So if you like beer and retakes on classics this is a good stop. 
I would give this 3.5 out of 5 forks.

Making your holidays easier :)

So this holiday I’m asking everyone in my social network to shop small and local business, such as mine. I’ve joined a few groups on FB that are helping promote this, but I’m asking YOU blogosphere to be the catalyst. Take a moment and share this via FB, Instagram, Twitter, or here in WordPress. Know why purchasing at a small business helps? This is according to an article from January of this year on

In fact, small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, accounting for about half of all private-sector jobs, and 65 percent of new jobs created in the past 17 years.

So to help out my customer base I’m offering an incentive from now until 11/30. Spend $100 on my e-boutique and get a gift card for $10. That’s $10 to use anywhere, anytime just for you as a thank you for showing your support. All my jewelry is backed with a lifetime replacement guarantee and is hypoallergenic. Plus you can only buy the jewelry via a merchandiser (like ME), so that means it exclusive. And who doesn’t love a unique gift? So click the link below and give a one of a kind gift that will last a lifetime.




Im a pinning MANIC

 Hey there bloggers!  So once again I have decided to finally join something after everyone else has done it and now have a new obsession.  Pinterest! At first I was a bit hesitant but now I can see the appeal for users.  Its a great way to bookmark images to things that you like so you can reference them later versus the traditional form of bookmarking links.  So now not only to I run my own jewelry boutique, Poshmark, Facebook, Instagram, I now Pinterest! Below I’ve listed all the links to my various sites,so take a moment click over and give me some feedback.  I’m always looking at how I can improve my sites and I can only do that with your feedback!

Buen Provecho!


Chloe+Isabel e-boutique


Poshmark @bkblueagave

Bling it on Tuesday OOTD 6/11/13

Wanted to wear denim and it’s only Tuesday. 

Blazer Gap
Shirt Banana Republic
Pants Banana Republic
Shoes Libby Edeleman 
Ring Sample Sale 
Thoughts? And of you like the ring you can find similar styles on my Chloe+Isabel boutique. Oh! And check out my FB page