Angry Woman NYFW

So my new (or not so new if you know me) is Angry Woman. I am trying to get this to take off so I can get a spot at next years NYFW. I think I’m going to start hashtagging this (although I have discovered that there are already 1000 posts to this hashtag). I have to thank my co-worker for all of this.
Angry Woman says “sky is the limit”

El Cid

So I’ve come to realize that I must be la reina de gays, since they always find me. Hence how I ended up here at el Cid last night. I was looking for a bite to eat and reading the menu when the very gay host came out and encouraged me to come in. I orders the tapas (since that’s what this place was about) and a drink.  The service was impeccable but the food was ok. They start you out with a snack dish of green olives and potato salad (I ordered another plate it was so good).  The actual tapas dishes were ok, but I rounded out my meal with dessert. I ordered the house special, which was bread marinaded in a wine served with Ice cream and a raspberry sauce. Cray! All in all not bad if your in the Chelsea area and want a bite. 3 out of 5 forks. 

Lunching in Clinton Hill

So Sunday I meet up with the gays and we had lunch at this great spot called Putnams Pub right on Myrtle ave in Brooklyn.  they had booths and old photographs decorating the wall.  The space was fairly spacious and relaxed.  I ordered the buttermilk pancakes, there was an order for eggs Benedict, omelette’s and of course their famous buttermilk biscuits.  This was naturally all washed down with copious amounts of coffee. Our waitress was great and super patient with us as we decided what we wanted to order.  Overall the food and service was great so I would give this place 4 out of 5 forks.