3-D shoes?

So if you follow technology you know that they can make 3-d items such as guns, hammers, and now shoes.  These shoes are a bit different in that they have a holster for your iphone. Wicked! they were shown at Milan fashion week.  Check out the link for more photos.


But what about brunch?

So it appears that spring is here (minus the torrential rain today) and you know what that means?  Sandals, crops, rooftop parties and brunch!  What better way to recover from a night of drinking then having more cocktails over food with the besties?  Thanks to the people at Dailycandy.com they have put together a list of the best brunch places in NYC and Brooklyn.  I know that I cant wait to check some of these places out and report back to you guys!


A night of Poshmarking

So tonight I was lucky enough to get invited to a Poshmark meet and greet in NYC at the Dream Hotel on 16th. Wow!!!!! It was great to meet people from various walks of life and avid poshers. I had the chance to meet one of the co-founders (who mentioned there are some exciting things in store for this year), Liz Teich a stylist (click here for her site), and prob one of the coolest designers ever Emily Kammeyer who makes the coolest tassel bracelets (check out her site here). I got to meet Amanda, part of the marketing team as well as LyAnn. It was so much fun and I’m hoping that I can get invited to the next event in NYC!!! So if you haven’t already go get the app and follow me @bkblueagave as well as the fab ladies from Poshmark.
Happy poshing