Bucket Bites for NYC

Summertime.  Food, drinks, friends, parties, rooftops, food trucks and bucket lists.  Living in one of the greatest cities I have access to so much culture, music, and people.  What better way to experience these cultures than via their food?  What better way to do that then to check out the bazillion foodie events in NYC.  Now there are so many I’d be here for years talking about them, so I’ve picked out my faves and future “need to get there” and compiled my summer food bucketlist, or bucketbites.

But where to start::rubs chin deep in thought::…….I need a platform that allows me to search by city and experience and get tickets if needed.  EVENTBRITE!  Now I’ve used them before and love that its one place to go to find events and get tickets for all these great things to do citywide.  So with the help of this fantastic technology I can compile my list, get tickets and be happier than a hog in mud. BTW planning an event check out their sell tickets to events page to get started on organizing your own event.  And um tell a girl if it involves food, I’d like to come you know……

So here is my list

  1. The vendy awards http://www.vendyawards.streetvendor.org/
  2. Blues BBQ http://www.hudsonriverpark.org/EVENTS/SERIES/BLUES-BBQ
  3. The Jerk Festival – http://www.jerkfestivalny.com/
  4. Smorgusboard http://www.smorgasburg.com/
  5. Ferragosto http://www.arthuravenuebronx.com/ferragosto/
  6. Broadway bites http://urbanspacenyc.com/broadway-bites/

Now I do the Broadway Bites once a week.  I work around the corner so gotta get my fix.  There are some killer things to try, like Korean style tacos anyone?  I’m dying to try Palenque as I love me some arepas and they offer a fantastic line up.  If I could afford it I’d try it all, but alas a girl has bills to pay.

So moving along..

Smorgasboard – what CAN I say? How dare you live in NYC (and surrounding areas) and not go!  Well I haven’t and this makes my bucket list every year.  This event alone has over 100+ vendors and is becoming one of the most do’s in NYC for summer time.  I mean food.  FOOD EVERYWHERE!

The Vendy Awards – THE annual festival that determines who really is the best taco cart out there…this festival can make a food truck be the place to eat.  And it covers almost every cuisine out there (hello the movie chef?).  I want to go just because often I’m out and about and want a quick snack that’s lighter on my wallet than say waistline?  Enter food trucks or what NY’ers call it, street meat.

Blues BBQ – ok when talking about BBQ you have to mention blues and vice versa.  And I love me some BBQ (big apple BBQ anyone? Missed it this year).  Now this happens in August but is the best way to see some of the top blues performers and showcases the best in NYC “cue.  What better way to spend a day than listening to music, eating and enjoying the sights along the pier.

The Jerk Festival – No not a gathering of idiots, but if you know anything about West Indian culture you know that Jerk is where it’s at.  Served alongside rice n peas, stewed cabbage, mac n cheese and Johnny cakes (or festival cakes) washed down with sorrel, it just can’t be beat.  Plus each vendor has the chance to compete to be declared the JERK CHAMPION! This is a great way to bring the family together and eat, I mean the above are to, but honestly this girl LOOOOVES her some jerk.  It’s like my caviar.  This happens in queens and showcases Caribbean cuisine, and there is more jerk than you can shake a stick at!  I went last year and marked my calendar for this year (might become a tradition…)

Ferragosto – it’s the Bronx’s version of San Gennaro, just less people.  Carbs, followed by carbs then maybe some protein in the form of sausage and peppers.  This should be all delicious things Italian. Being that I just moved to the boogie down I will have to go.

So this is my list, and I love to eat (official fatass here).  Of course NYC has festivals ALLLLLLL the time for various things and there is always food.  But these are my tops picks to nosh on this year.

What about you?  Did I miss anything?  Let a girl know so I can go gets up on it…..


2014 Jerk Festival

Broadway Bites 2015

Broadway Bites 2015

Make a Difference in a Woman’s Life

I need your help followers!  I am doing a fundraiser this Friday 3/7 for the Global Women’s Fund.   Since it is women’s history month I decided that I wanted to do something to make someone’s history.  I read about the organization awhile back and thought what a great way to help influence change.   So 100% of all proceeds will be donated to this great cause.   Join the FB event to be reminded about the event this Friday.  Also if you do shop use the link below to shop and help make a difference in another woman’s life. 
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Stylish Curvy Women Wanted!

Ladies, are you “real” sized not the industry standard of 2?  Have some clothes you want to swap?  Maybe meet some like minded women?  Then I have an event for you on October 12th.  Join me and other women as we network, mingle, shop, style, and have fun.  I’ve included the link to the event on my FB page so you can RSVP.  It will be a great time and a chance to meet me as well as other women.  It’s my second vendor event and I’m hoping to see some people from the blogosphere there.  So often women who are size 12 and larger feel left out, thanks to popular culture.  Well here is your chance to network and have a great night out.  I will be on hand to accessorize the ladies as well as other vendors.  Purchase tickets in advance for $10.

So come and have a drink and mingle!



What are you doing Friday?

Ok, so I’m a bit late but this Friday is my first vendor event down at West Elm in dumbo Bk from 6-8.  So loyal readers if your around stop in and say hi.  I’d love to meet you in person and maybe take some photos.  I’m also asking for good vibes that I 1. make some sales 2. find a full time job. Below is the link to the event, click and say that your coming and better yet bring a friend!  There will be a raffle as well a mocktinis and great home goods.  So dont be shy

West Elm

 My Boutique

Need an asssitant?

So recently I had the pleasure of attending a meetup even hosted by a high school classmate of mine who has launched her own business called PA for a Day.  The premise of this is that if you need help for a day or more you pay a small fee (starting at $20 an hour) and you can have your own personal assistant.  This person will pick up laundry, groceries, walk your dogs or do anything that you cant get to in the course of the day.  Click on the link below for more info and tell her Jessica sent you!

PA for a Day

Searching for the perfect accessory

Then check out my boutique at Chloe+Isabel for great statement pieces and everyday items.  I cant wait to go pick up my order that arrived yesterday!  All the jewelry is handcrafted in NYC and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee, how can you go wrong? Click like on my Facebook page to stay in the know about special offers and trends.  If you book before 6/24 and your party has over $500 in sales you get a FREE necklace and you ear $50 credit for every $200 in sales! Umm plus you get great jewelry that everyone will be asking where you got it. 

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Jewels for Days

So I’m now an official merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel so that means talking about my boutique (click here) and bringing the residents of Brooklyn the chance to book pop-up shopping with me!  I’ve attached the host benefits of hosting.  I just started so bear with me as I get started.  What this means is I bring the party to you! We can explore trends and try out fantastic accessories to make your wardrobe pop! So head over to the site and see what there is and get back to me.