Num Pang

So today me and faaablous co-worker walked on down to Num Pang on 26th and Broadway for some lunchn’ and are totally digging this place. Do NOT be fooled by the interior, as it looks like the the 14th st stop on the F line.  Its a small spot with limited seating and a straight forward menu.  They offer Cambodian style sandwiches and stuff, from noodles to sides like grilled corn.  If you like Vietnamese food this is an easy walk over.  

So I ordered the chicken chimi sandwich, which is grilled chicken with cucumbers, chili mayo and cilantro and carrots. DELSIH!  Love the freshness and crispness of the cucumber against the chicken.  Nothing was overpowering and just simply made.  The nice thing about Num Pang is that they also offer a designer series of items.  This means they partner with local chefs and make limited runs of menu items.

Over all 3 out of 5 forks

So check out the photos and sites, and check them out in a hood by you

El Cid

So I’ve come to realize that I must be la reina de gays, since they always find me. Hence how I ended up here at el Cid last night. I was looking for a bite to eat and reading the menu when the very gay host came out and encouraged me to come in. I orders the tapas (since that’s what this place was about) and a drink.  The service was impeccable but the food was ok. They start you out with a snack dish of green olives and potato salad (I ordered another plate it was so good).  The actual tapas dishes were ok, but I rounded out my meal with dessert. I ordered the house special, which was bread marinaded in a wine served with Ice cream and a raspberry sauce. Cray! All in all not bad if your in the Chelsea area and want a bite. 3 out of 5 forks. 


So today I lost my bet, and took myself out for a nice Italian dinner in Chelsea.  I stopped in a spot called Intermezzo and it was worth it.  As with most NYC spots small space but done in clean classic lines and colors.  Food was fresh and done well, plus they were what serving sizes should be, just enough to fill you up.  I ordered the caprese ensalda (mozzarella, tomatoes, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar), penne a la vodka, and of course creme brulee.  The noodles were a la dente and the salad fresh.  As far as the creme brulee, you could tell they had just pulled it from the fridge and caramelized the sugar mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Overall 4 out 5 forks.

Maryann’s Mexican

So last night after the gym (that’s right AFTER) my compadre and I stopped in at this Mexican spot on the corner of 16th and 8th ave. Now I’ve been here before a few years ago and don’t remember it being this good, maybe the sexy waiters helped lol. Of course the meal started with chips and salsa. My friend ordered the asada tacos and I the carne asada platter. The tacos were a hard shell wrapped in a soft shell lined with guacamole. Mines was a flank steak rubbed with chili and grilled to perfection. The steak also came with grilled vegetables and a cheese enchilada. Both had refried beans with Spanish rice. The food was good and very flavorful. Overall 4 out of 5 forks

The Trailer Park

Ever just want to get away and look at Americana curios? Then head on over to the Trailer Park on 23th and 8th!  They have expanded their menu a bit to include vegetarian fare now.  The whole selling point for me was the tater tots and the toilet outside that is used for cigarette butts lol. Over all the food is good (the nachos are the bomb!! like 4 forks), I don’t recommend the moon pies as they are on the dry side.  The burgers have the right amount of grease and flavor best followed by tater tots.  If you do go be prepared for a bit of a wait as this is a fairly popular place with locals and seating is limited.  Overall i give the place 4 out of 5 forks.

Garden of Eden

So today after going to Best Buy I decided to stop in  at Garden of Eden for some food supplies for the blizzard that is affecting the tristate area.  What a treat! I love going to specialty food stores and this didn’t disappoint.  Although small they had food for all over to imported chocolate, cheeses, to Biscoff spread.  I went to the one located on 23rd btwn 7th and 8th.  I love how when walking in the first thing I came across was the desert counter mmmmmmm.  The selection of pastries was fantastic as well as the meat and cheeses.  They even had a hot bar and salad bar.  If your in the area stop in and treat yourself to any one of the various imported goods. 

My Greek Uncle Nick

So tonight after getting my nails and toes done (yes i still go during winter) i decided to check out Uncle Nicks Greek restaurant.  This is the closest to a Greek taverna in the NYC that I could find so far outside of Opa Opa in queens.  Its located on 29th and 8th close to Chelsea.  Sadly tonight there was but one waiter, however he did his best as was very friendly and still managed to get all the orders to the right tables and keep a smile.  The inside is done in a orange brown with blue trim, stylized like a taverna with glass doors that open to the street.  The decor was very cozy and it seemed like they had family photos made into poster on the wall along with various awards they have won over the years. Thankfully they were closed as it ridiculously cold lol. I started with the taziki and bread, and I usually complain there isn’t enough garlic Uncle Nicks however must have read my mind.  There was that kick the denotes copious amounts of garlic (sorry to the train riders).  For the main course i ordered the chicken skewers with vegetables and the chicken was juicy and tender.  The vegetables were actually grilled and delicious.  At one point someone dropped a glass, well of course the staff yelled OPA!  I ordered the creme custard as they were out of baklava (it must be good) and i have to say not so good.  It was fairly bland with no real flavor to it.  Overall a good place for authentic Greek food and reasonable prices.  However if they are out of Baklava go for the house specialty of rice pudding or nothing.  They did comp my desert as I guess for the lack of staff.  🙂

I would give them 3 forks out of 5