Fashion that Fights

I am alllllll about fashion for a cause, and have I found one.  While trolling IG this morning I came across a post by nuralailalov rocking a shirt that says “respect the hijab” made by  return of the strangers.  Naturally my curiosity was piqued so I trolled over.  Well the whole premise of the company idea stems from the Revolutions in the Middle East. They want to convey the message of freedom, Islam, and human rights through their designs.  BRAVO!!!  Let us move away from social media of who wore what, who is sleeping with who, and who had the most weight gain.  While I don’t own a TV I am aware of the struggle of the Syrian people and the atrocities that are being committed.  Here is a company that is hoping to make a difference and raise awareness for the plight of the people in Syria, and a portion of the sales go to the relief effort.  All people regardless of race, creed, size, age or anything should have what we as Americans refer to basic rights.  So click the link below and help raise money for a great cause, plus you’ll be fashion forward.


Robin Hoods Stylish Headscarves

So today while strolling through the web I came across this company that makes headscarves for women who are going through cancer or have serious hair loss.  I was moved as I personally know of women who are battling cancer and might need these.  The premise of the company is this “Tracey founded Robin Hoods upon her belief that no woman should be deprived of her self-confidence, dignity, and natural beauty as a result of hair hardship. Pairing the highest quality materials and thoughtful design, she created a product that appeals to women of all ages and style sensibilities, and makes the wearer look- and subsequently feel- better.”
WOW!  What a great idea and cause. As any female will tell you our hair is a major factor in our identity and self confidence when that is gone we struggle.  So share this if you know someone fighting cancer or might be interested.