Dates 2 Save..

Happy Holiday season ya’ll!!! I’m sure that many of you are midstream with holiday shindigs and shenanigans, so Buen Provecho!  If your the person planning said soiree….well may the force be with you.  One of the biggest issues I find when planning my own parties is getting people to RSVP in a timely manner, so that I know how much food to cook. or alcohol to buy. (and my friends are savages for food and dranks….)

So I got ‘ta thinking about New Years and planning a paaaaarty.  Heeello Pinterest! If you need to find ideas and inspo this be the place of all things DIY, cooking, random ish and all easily accessible via tags and key words (kinda like SEO).  So I started collecting ideas for NYE ideas, but then I was like all these ideas are great for any kind of party or even a WEDDING! See what I gathered so far right hurr.

I think the thing that I like most about the board is that they are colors and ideas that work well for anything.  Some of the pins are wedding related, but you could do a birthday, black tie, or a cocktail party.

So after trolling the pin for an ungodly amount of time, I started thinking about save the dates and invitations.  I mean there HAS to be an easier way than going to a stationary store (yes, they DO exist!), something app related y a know.  Cause lets face it, in this day and age if there isnt an app, your going the way of the dodo.  And what did I remember….my  paperless post app! Bazinga! Doneish…..

I was introduced to this a few years a ago via a hostess for a Chloe+Isabel party I did, and well like most relationships it started rocky, but nooooooooow I’m in love with paperless post app.  I mean they have a traditional website, but thats like so 90’s.  The great thing about this company is not only do they do E invitations, but they also do physical invitations. So if you need to send invites or a save the date, say for a wedding, birthday, fancy event, sweet 16, quinceanera, dinner party, a “screw it I’m fabulous” party or really anything they’ve got you covered.

So you can create an awesome save the date and either email it or request to have it printed, you can personalize it with your own photos.  It’s all pretty easy add the copy (like what you want to say) and viola done.  So head on over and check them out, and download that app!  Make your future invites easy peasy with Paperless Post!





New You New Look

As any woman who has hit her 30’s will tell you its another time of reinventions. Redefining your adult self. There is an article in ELLE where Meghan O’Rourke speaks about finally becoming an adult and letting go of clothes that didn’t fit with her new grown self. So thanks to the people at they put together a list of the top 15 new designers of 2014. From CDFA winners to unknowns, your sure to find a style that matches who you want to be in your 30’s. You can even check out the full list of the top 50 newbies as well. So for those of you who are about to or have hit your 30’s, embrace the change and remember what you wear is an outer calling card. So dress well and let me know who you like best.


Photo from Rosie Assoulin


Photo from Novis

Tailored Tuesday – Get fitted!

Bespoke:  made to fit a particular person; also : producing clothes that are made to fit a particular person

Men, are you looking for that je’nais qui when it comes to dressing?  Maybe a clothing company that has ninjas to help you out?  Tired of listening to people complain about your style (or lack thereof)? Or you want to take your style to the next level?  Maybe you are wondering what bespoke clothing is?  Allow me to introduce you to Bonobos.  A singular destination for all things considered stylish and innovative with some fun thrown in. 
Founded in 2007 for men that want awesome clothing without the hassle of shopping for mass produced styles, you can either shop online or go to your local Nordstrom’s to check them out.  But here is where it gets good fellas, they offer guideshops you can PHYSICALLY go to help you find the right fit and style and be done.   (Guess who is taking her boyfriend in to one…) And lets face it, women love a man that has on great fitting clothes (its our version of lingerie).  Think I’m wrong?  Ask any woman you know about how attractive a well dressed (and groomed) man is….drool……..
But lets talk about the Bonobos spring line. Spring seems to be struggling to make itself know here on the east coast…..but Bonobos can fix that right up for you.  I mean polar vortexes and below 65 for over 3 months?  So just in time for spring, they have launched a new collection of men’s seersucker and cotton suits, which is a great-fitting and a lightweight BREATHABLE fabric just right for summer weddings, garden parties and mint juleps!  They even offer shirts in chambray, floral, stripes and classic white button downs in lightweight summer fabrics. (And I’m crushing on the Newport Poplin shirt myself…..) Pair the shirt with a seersucker suit or with some chinos for that classic American look.  Why not even scoop up some travel jeans for when you are jet setting around the globe? They even have non iron pants!!! Like how much easier can it get?
Got a wedding?  Bonobos will custom fit you for that big day, and think of it as an investment piece.  You can always use well fitted slacks and a blazer right? Right.  Plus buying off the rack is just so….last season guys.  Time to step up the game and given by my IG feed men are really looking to break out of the basics mold.
If your still unsure about fit, styling, or like the site says a good chili recipe, hit up the ninjas for some deets. But here are some pointers to think about when it comes to fit from VP of Design, Dwight Fenton
“Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion”
Fenton’s simple suit tips to find the right fit:
• Fit starts with the shoulders: The jacket should grab your shoulders snugly but not be overly tight. If the shoulders fit, pretty much anything else can be adjusted.
• Length matters: To determine the appropriate length, you should be able to cup the bottom of the suit with your arms by your side.
• Show some shirt: A flexible but general rule of thumb is to have a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff showing. If you’re wearing a heavier cuff, like a French cuff, you may want to show a little more.
I know so often I see men in terrible fitting clothes and all I can think about is Stacy and Clintons advice from What Not to Wear, invest in tailoring.  So guys take a moment and really invest in some basic wardrobe staples that FIT THE RIGHT WAY guys, and trust when I say it will pay off.  Like I say, style is saying who you are without speaking, so what do you want to say to the world?
Check out the site here and make that appointment!

Check out some photos of the new spring items (and the details IN the clothing)….you cant go wrong with anything from them honestly! 

Needing Feedback!!!

Ok guys, here is your chance to help shape my blog.  I need you, the readers, valuable feedback on how to get to the next level.  Here are some pointers that I’ve gotten so far

•  Full width photos, at a higher res within your posts. This has been known to capture more attention and reduce the bounce-rate
•  For something like “Want to shop the styles click here,” make the “here” clickable and link that with your bitly link instead of putting it afterwards since it looks cleaner
•  Look into photoshop to pop colors in your photos a bit more, to make it (again) more engaging and fun in a super easy way
•  Look into designing a logo & branding
•  Purchase a domain name.

Yes? No? Have a better idea?  Comment and let me know!!

Lucky advice for you

So lucky for you the editors at Lucky Mag put together a list of the winter must haves. The range from wearing color to making sure that you have classic black moto booties (check). While I am all on board for everything they listed I have to add a lip balm with a tint of color is another one of my must haves.

What’s yours this winter season?


Career advice from IMAN?

So leave it to Rachael Zoe to do a women in fashion series, which I love.  These are women that I admire and wish to emulate and try to incorporate their advice into my life.  The recent one is with Iman, and she was the first black super model and married to David Bowie, and I think she is a classic beauty.  In the Q&A she speaks that women should network, as we love to lift up other women.  As far as fashion goes she wants women to maintain their femininity and not hide in men’s clothes.  Want to know more?  Click the link to read the full Q&A.  What is your take away?!%20Ad%3A%20ZGallerie%20Sweeps&utm_content=B