Being Responsible

Todays retail climate is forcing more and more brands to be socially and ethically aware.  The idea is that companies need to consider society when making business decisions.  This also takes the form of ethics and values a company takes, and is often expressed within their mission statement.

A brand that I think embodies corporate responsibility is Nisolo (here) because the ethos of the brand is to create a sustainable business while giving back.  On the site they call out that products provide livable wages to the people making the products, as well as healthcare, and working environment.   Nisolo also offers a shoe buy back program to help poverty stricken people get shoes.

Doing a quick search of the brand shows that they have not been involved with any legal issues.  And they have also been certified as a B corporation which you can learn more here.

Knowing what I have learned onsite as well as being someone who buys from them I would say that they are a green for environment company.

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