Duracell and Energizer batteries are  both companies that sell batteries and compete for consumers dollars.  Both speak to how long lasting their products are and can be used in almost anything.  From a personal standpoint it seems like Duracell edges out Energizer batteries as they seem more common place.

To compete I would think that Energizer should focus on brand awareness and helping customers create that emotional engagement.  Also look into promoting the other businesses they have as well as becoming more sustainable.  Another aspect could be helping people in other countries have renewable energy sources.  The GEN I’s and Z’s are focused on these aspects and often will eschew brands that don’t have sustainable business practices.

The Duracell copper top is iconic and often imitated by off brands, where as the Energizer logo doesn’t come to memory.  Plus most people think of the rabbit which again doesn’t tie back to any sort of logo or branding.  According to Zigu, Energizer doesn’t focus on the digital aspect of marketing the same way Duracell does.  Duracell is active on Twitter and Instagram as well as showing how to use their products.  Seeing that there is a disconnect between Energizer ad’s and logo they should try to merge those so that it’s a seamless experience similar to Duracell.


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