Under Armour: Where Do We Go From Here?

When Under Armour came to market the main focus of the clothing was football players who needed something to help keep them cool while practicing.  In 2013 they turned their attention to women, keeping a focus on sports wear.  With this the focus was a campaign called “I Will what I want” where women could show how they pursued their own dreams.  Part of the campaign was created awareness across multiple digital channel and making sure that the content could have a longer life span than traditional media (harvard.2019)

Key points for implementation for marketing strategies are understanding that there will be selective attention, where consumers have to figure out what to pay attention to.  The use of colors, as well as creating a tag line that resonates.  A huge factor is the emotional connection that needs to happen when promoting brands and driving engagement.  If there is a celebrity endorsement then how will your market respond to them? What happens if the celebrity ends in hot water? Sometimes it could even be how you speak to a product based on the market you are trying to engage with, for example women with kids have a different response than women with no kids.

In looking for a new market segment, I would think an interesting segment would be young tween girls.  This is a group that if  you can capture their attention and grow with them you would have a great LTV.  This is referred to as Gen I (McDaniel. 2019), and is the generation that is growing up in a world where the internet is a given.  According to marketingsherpa.com this group accounts for ~260B in sales each year. To reach this market would be difficult as they are minors, so how and when you engage is crucial as you also need to get parental support.  35% of the market have mobile phones, so engaging with them on mobile via display ads or various social channels would be the best.  Any campaign needs to be designed for engagement, like a video game, versus just providing good images and a click to shop.


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McDaniel, S., & Beger, S. (2016, January 07). Marketing to Tweens: Data, Spending Habits Dos & Don’ts to Reach This Fickle Age Group. Retrieved May 19, 2019, from https://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/how-to/data-spending-habits-dos-donts

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