What Brand?

What is in a name?  To parse from Shakespeare, everything.  When you think of Sony, you probably think of an entertainment giant who covers, movies, music, and their interactive branch.  Stated on the site they define their purpose as “Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. (sony.com)” so who would think that they would have failed so epicly in the 90’s?

Allow me to introduce you to Betamax.

If you weren’t around BEFORE the internet there was a time in history where streaming wasn’t a thing, all shows had commercials and you were forced to live in the moment.  So someone had the idea, lets record this and so Betamax was born.  Given that Sony is quite the giant how could they have failed?  The name and logo are synonymous with technology, innovation and decent movies.

Sony over the years has positioned themselves as a brand that provides products that capture our attention and push creative boundaries. They understand who their consumer is and what they are looking for, so they are able to deliver.  So why did Betamax fail?  Their rival JVC built a product that was lighter and could record more.  Plus Sony didn’t invest into a growing market of videos whereas JVC did.

To mitigate this Sony should have looked to thier own mission statement and looked to deliver a product that provided delight to consumers.  Ease of use, lightweight, and met consumers where they wanted to be, home watching movies.  Overall Sony has done well meeting their mission statement, i personally own a PS4 and love it.



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