Influencer Marketing

Influencer based marketing and why does it resonate? It’s almost like Gonzo based marketing, taken from the style of writing that catapulted Hunter S Thompson to notoriety.  Approaching a topic and applying humor and using shock to engage.  While not all the influencers interviewed have a shock value, I mean Logan Paul did recently this year and lost all his affiliations, the marketing is quick and quirky.  These people are trusted or reputable and are in the same demographics of the markets they are appealing to.  The platforms these influencers mention, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram allow them to interact and are easily sharable by whoever is consuming this content.

The role of the influencer is a dual role, from brand advocate to awareness of a product or brand.  They often work with brands and products them themselves believe in or use so followers are n=more likely to engage and buy, because they see them as trusted resources.  The strategy is also that they post frequently to stay top of mind and that they understand content needs to be different across channels.  For example, Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach, has done the opposite actually he shares the same images from Facebook to Instagram and but he posts funny content from memes, videos, photos and mixes it up.  Influencers can also be a force for change

Social media has changed how people interact with brands, from being just told about a brand and having a one-way dialogue, consumers are now driving the conversations with brands. Influencers are helping leverage and create brand loyalty where there might have been none previously.  With traditional PR it was who you knew and pitching ideas, now with social its throwing an idea out there and watching it gain traction.  This also means its more cost effective than traditional media and what company doesn’t like saving money? And they do they heavy lifting, build content, sharing and become the face people can trust.  More and more people take to social platforms to research and gather feedback before deciding. Using someone they deem as trustworthy or knowledgeable ranks your product higher.

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