Buenos Aires

So Friday I was feigning for some beef, if ya know what I mean…and I had heard about this Argentinean steakhouse downtown over on 6th St and Ave A.   So off me and the novio went for some steak and quality time.  I had read about this place and been meaning to make my way on down. Since I got out early we got there before the dinner rush.  The place has exposed brink that is covered with pennants from various footbol (aka soccer to us Anglos) leagues.   There was also TV’s broadcasting the games.  As the dinner crowd showed up the candles came out and the lights went down.  The service was good, our waiter had more personality then the hostess and was great about keeping up with us.  We started with bread and butter, and he ordered the beef kabobs and I got the skirt steak with mashed potatoes.  A note, if you are not a serious meat eater, I would avoid this place as the Argentineans are KNOWN  for beef.

And we were not disappointed either.  My steak came with the traditional chimichurri sauce and was cooked to perfection (medium well).   My novio’s kabobs were tender and juicy and easy to eat.  Because nothing is worse than getting meat that is just this said of rawhide….. Overall the meat was tender and juicy and seasoned well.  Even my boyfriend was impressed with the tenderness of the meat.  Now of course if you have learned anything its that I also need desert.  So one panqueque de manzana y cafe coming up!  We got the apple crepe with ice cream and two coffees.   And man the coffee tasted like someone’s abuela put their ankles in it, sock and all (which is a good thing ask any Hispanic).  Overall the food was great and the service was decent.  I’d give it 4 out of 5 forks and cant wait to go back.


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