Num Pang

So today me and faaablous co-worker walked on down to Num Pang on 26th and Broadway for some lunchn’ and are totally digging this place. Do NOT be fooled by the interior, as it looks like the the 14th st stop on the F line.  Its a small spot with limited seating and a straight forward menu.  They offer Cambodian style sandwiches and stuff, from noodles to sides like grilled corn.  If you like Vietnamese food this is an easy walk over.  

So I ordered the chicken chimi sandwich, which is grilled chicken with cucumbers, chili mayo and cilantro and carrots. DELSIH!  Love the freshness and crispness of the cucumber against the chicken.  Nothing was overpowering and just simply made.  The nice thing about Num Pang is that they also offer a designer series of items.  This means they partner with local chefs and make limited runs of menu items.

Over all 3 out of 5 forks

So check out the photos and sites, and check them out in a hood by you


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