Laying the foundation

ladies, lets talk about starting with a foundation for your outfit. BRAS….. If your like me bra shopping is the one form of shopping I’d avoid at all costs. But its a fundamental foundation for wearing clothes, the right bra will make you look perky and 10 lbs slimmer. Trust me, I’ve seen it on myself. So recently I realized that I needed some new bras, the ones I have about a year old and really non-supportive. So I went to and took a look see, then I though, when was the last time I got a fitting? Longer than I will admit here, so after yelp’ing I came across intimacy NYC and was like well lets give it a whirl.

I went to the location on Third Ave and met with Eloisa, who promptly assessed my needs and proceeded to find stlyes that were cute and supportive. Now if you know this, good for if not here is a lesson, a good bra will life your breasts up, support them lovingly and make you look 10 lbs lighter. Eloisa pointed out that I was wearing the wrong size, I was closer to a 40F. Instead of measuring me she took a look and knew exactly the style and sizes I needed. Eloisa says that the motto at Intimacy is to fit your body, so that means understanding different bras fit differently. After trying on about 5 styles it was time to narrow them down, but not to worry she made me a wish list. So when I go back they can pull up the styles that I like and make my life easier.

While the store doesn’t look like there is much, they do have drawers of bras. Not to mention swimwear, which if you are larger than a C you know its challenging to find one that has support. So ladies take a moment go get fitted and see the difference in how you stand and even how your clothes drape. I for one will definitely be back to shop.

check them out here











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