In the Buff

Let me ask, have you heard of Buffalo Exchange? If not then as NY’ers you are in for a treat. Growing up in AZ i fondly remember the trips my mom and I would make to Buff Exchange, where we could sell gently worn clothing and get credit or cash for our items. i loved scouring the racks looking for that one item that I was like I NEEED to have. Well it appears that it has made its way north.

So if you are muchlike me and find yourself rotating clothes and no where to go with the unwanted items. Why not take them to Buff and get some dinero? Plus what ever you don’t sell they take and give to the convent house. So if you dont want to be bothered with curating a closet of items and sharing (a la poshmark), go to Buff and just sell them off. Also the do tokens for bags,so opt not to take a bag and you get a token to use towards a local charity.

So check them out and let me know what you think.








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