Less Bah more Humbug (holiday shopping guide 2013)

Looking for strange and unique gifts for the holidays? Then check out some of the sites I’ve found that just might make your holidays a bit more bearable and a little less humbug. Have an addition? let me know, I’m all about quirky gifts.
1. Headliner Shirts – from wacky to weird this site covers the best of them. Doesn’t everyone want a t-shirt with Henry VIII saying “its all in the execution” plus since their made in CA, you know everything is environmentally friendly.http://www.headlineshirts.net/
2. belovedshirts.com – another great site to find ridiculous prints. Who on your list wouldn’t love a sweatshirt with a photo of a cheeseburger on it.
3. The drom store – for all things that are quirky Asian (need I say more?)
4. uncommongoods.com – I think the name kinda sums it up right? you can find almost anything and everything random on this site.
5. Etsy.com – like really…….you know there are strange things lurking there
6. stupid.com – well like the site name implies, these are the stupidest and funniest gag gifts to get anyone who can take a joke this holiday. I mean farting butt ornaments????
of course coal is always the good old fashion standby for a Christmas prank.

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