Peeling away the hunger

So yesterday the BF and I were in the LES and of course we were hungry (like what’s new right?). Right there on the corner of Bowery and 2nd ave is a quaint eatery called Peels. It’s described as classic American food.  Unlike most places this actually had a second floor on which we took our repast. (Sorry I’ve been reading vampire novels again). The interior is early American decor, traditional pressed tin roof, unfinished wood tables and benches, slate blue gray ways with white trim. I order the flapjacks with fresh fruit and the BF ordered the build-a-biscuit.  We got coffee which was tasty and not harsh. The flapjacks were huge taking ip the entire plate, and light brown.  The biscuit was crumby and his eggs looks cooked to perfection. The service left a bit to be desired but hey such is life. Sadly I was so hungry I forgot to take photos o the food. A cute spot 3.5 out of 5 forks 


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