A bit of randomness

so I feel like its been some time since I actually wrote anything on my blog lol.  Please forgive the recent polyvore obsession so I apologize.  I’ve also been super focused on my boutique and trying to generate sales since a sistah doesn’t have a steady source of income. 

It appears that summer is in full effect (hello 85+ weather) which means that I hate being sweaty as much as the next person.  During summer my hair is always up as its to hot to have it down laying against my neck.  Pants, im not understanding why women think dresses are great.  If your thighs touch like mines, nothing is worse than chub rub and heat rash.  So I personally stick to pants and loose tops.  I also realized that after last night that maybe its time to give up the heels.  Stop, I know your shaking your head but hear me out.  I wore my heels last night for a networking event which required about 30 minutes of standing and dear god my feet were hurting.  maybe its because im  not dressing up for work anymore and I need to retrain my feet, but I couldn’t get to my car fast enough to change into flats.  So im thinking that its time to accept my age and gracefully move into flats.


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