Guess whos selling jewelry???

So recently I signed up to become a Chloe+Isabel merchandiser.  What does this mean to you?  well as I always speak about how jewelry can make an outfit and is a great way to try trends, I can know offer you those great pieces.  I found out about the company via LinkedIn and decided to join.  Well wouldn’t you know they selected me.  Turns out that they actually select who will offer and sell their collection.  The brand started right here in NYC!  Its been featured in various magazines (Glamour, Vogue, and Tech Crunch to name a few) and stores.  the items rang from classic to punk rock chic.  I cant wait to get my kit and start selling.  the jewelry is handcrafted and nickel free which is great for people with allergies, and there is a lifetime replacement guarantee. Once you sign up and agree to the terms they give you an online boutique for your customers as well as tools to help you succeed.  I’ve attached some photos for you guys to look at so click on the link below and check me out!



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