Fashionable profits

So I feel that it’s my responsibility as a fashion blogger to also speak to various issues that impact fashion, be it positive or negative.  Maybe I don’t follow enough people but I have yet to see one person write about the fire in Bangladesh that killed over 1,100 people.  Now anyone who has taken fashion merchandising management classes or worked in retail knows that most goods are produced overseas in factories at a fraction of the cost of producing it stateside.  Many of these workers are paid the bare minimum and work in atrocious conditions that many Americans would be appalled at.  In an article by they speak about how will brands and governments react to this and will there be any reform? And what does that mean for you as a consumer?  Many brands “outsource” to local companies who hire factories to produce the goods and enter into agreements about conditions in the factory as most companies want to be ethical.  However its almost impossible for sourcing and production teams located outside the country to manage and maintain acceptable working conditions, although many companies do visits once a year. Exports out of Bangladesh account for almost $29 billion dollars, which for many companies means greater profit margins.  If the factories “upgrade” the working conditions and wages that means a higher cost for companies to produce the goods which means a higher ticket price for you the consumer.  There are some any aspects to this but take a moment read the article and leave your thoughts and maybe even share this to bring awareness to overseas production.,329691.html



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