Fitness in fashion

So here’s something I really have yet to see anyone bring up, Fashionable fitness wear?!?!? Lets face it part of the motivation to work out (other than looking good naked) is rocking some kickass gear. I don’t know about you but nothing motivates me more than putting on some bright neon shoes, fitted crops and a tank and rocking out at the gym. The selection of gear has gotten better over the years admittedly but I think still has a bit to go. I don’t know about you but I’m not in Lulumons demographic (mama got bills and likes to eat) but there are some places that make cute stuff. I mean honestly what average person has $80 for reversible workout pants?  I’ve found some great stuff at the Gap, Old Navy, Target, and Ladies Foot Locker. Plus I like finding that one day my workout clothes don’t fit and going to buy some fresh new threads. I mean seriously, LFL has a neon tank for $19.99!!!!!!!!!!

 I gave some links to some of these spots. What’s your take?



Lady Foot Locker


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