Life through a window

So I’ve been on vacation the past week and although I’m glad to be getting back to “civilization” part of me is dreading going back. I’ve come to realize that I need to make some changes and as uncomfortable and scary as they might be its time. I need to reinvent myself and try something new. Lately I’ve grown more dissatisfied with my life and realize I’ve for to make the changes needed. And while I appreciate the good intentions of my friends when I express my ideas I’d just like they to say “whatever you do you will be great at”. I have had only friend say this and express belief that I will succeed at whatever I put my mind to. This also lead to a heated debate with my mother who has supported me in everything but always tempers her advice with caution. I love you guys but I need believers not naysayers, so when I express my ideas just say “I know you’ll succeed” and leave it at that. I am a Virgo so trust me that I have thought out all my options and know what risks I am taking.
Thanks for listening and have you ever taken on a huge risk and what did you do to succeed?


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