Real Street Fashion

So since I have started blogging and following various “fashionistas“and “street style” I have noticed that I feel I have unrealistic expectations of what my everyday fashion should be. Now I’m not knocking these lovely ladies, as lord knows that they are my inspiration to get up every day and put my best face/foot forward,but sometimes I’m like everyday people don’t dress like this. I commute everyday for work, and I’ll be dammed if I’m wearing heels to walk to and from the train to work. Like most women I wear sneakers and change at work. I often look at these pictures and wish that I was smaller, or taller, or had a better job to afford name brands. I wish that I could be that woman in heels standing at the trainstation or walking down the cobble stone streets on Soho. But I’m not, I’m an everyday girl who wears sneakers to work, dresses in a mix of name brands and sample sale items, who works a 9 to 5. So what does that mean? It means that I take what I see from these other bloggers and try to interpret it for me. I know that some trends don’t work for my body (i.e. peplum ::shivers:: I am a 40DDD, doesn’t look good on me) but I try to show what an everyday working girl interprets as fashion. I hope that you like what I post and you too take some inspiration from what I write about. Like most women I have a complicated relationship with my body image, but I am at a place where I feel good about how I look overall and I know that for being 32 I am pretty damn sexy. As women we are given unrealistic expectations about what beauty should be from mainstream media and allow it to shape how we see ourselves.So ladies I ask that you step back take a deep breath and focus on what you find sexy, be it your dimples when you smile, your shoulders, or the crease in your elbow. But take a moment and realize that you are sexy and no one else should ever define that for you.

Enough of my soap box, but here are some things that inspire me to look good everyday and make the effort. So follow and read fashion posts, blogs, videos and tell me how you interpret it for you.  And thanks to google  and fashionclimaxx for providing me with pictures 🙂  Like I said these pics inspire me to be better dressed everyday, so thanks to all the fashion bloggers.


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