A Storm of Thoughts

So I wanted to take a moment and vent a bit here.  I am at a point in my life that I am not happy with where I am and want to make a change.  However the change would be major and require a huge sacrifice from myself, and I think that in the end it will be what I needed.  However I think that I am stuck in my rut of comfortablity and am afraid to make the changes needed.  I am trying to play by “rules” that others tell me I should abide by but I am so burnt out that I dont have the energy to engage in the game.  I have lost my raison d’etre and want to find it desperatly.  I dont want to be a zobmie just shuffeling around day to day.  If you ask what I do what I feel so lost I cant give a straight answer.  I am hoping that I find the light before I make such a momumental change in my life, but I think that it not the plan lol.  I do have faith that everything will work itself out as it should.  Thanks for listening guys!


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