My Greek Uncle Nick

So tonight after getting my nails and toes done (yes i still go during winter) i decided to check out Uncle Nicks Greek restaurant.  This is the closest to a Greek taverna in the NYC that I could find so far outside of Opa Opa in queens.  Its located on 29th and 8th close to Chelsea.  Sadly tonight there was but one waiter, however he did his best as was very friendly and still managed to get all the orders to the right tables and keep a smile.  The inside is done in a orange brown with blue trim, stylized like a taverna with glass doors that open to the street.  The decor was very cozy and it seemed like they had family photos made into poster on the wall along with various awards they have won over the years. Thankfully they were closed as it ridiculously cold lol. I started with the taziki and bread, and I usually complain there isn’t enough garlic Uncle Nicks however must have read my mind.  There was that kick the denotes copious amounts of garlic (sorry to the train riders).  For the main course i ordered the chicken skewers with vegetables and the chicken was juicy and tender.  The vegetables were actually grilled and delicious.  At one point someone dropped a glass, well of course the staff yelled OPA!  I ordered the creme custard as they were out of baklava (it must be good) and i have to say not so good.  It was fairly bland with no real flavor to it.  Overall a good place for authentic Greek food and reasonable prices.  However if they are out of Baklava go for the house specialty of rice pudding or nothing.  They did comp my desert as I guess for the lack of staff.  🙂

I would give them 3 forks out of 5


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