Munching at Mezzetto

Ok so last Sunday the BF and I went to brunch at Mezzetto on the corner of 1st and Houston, his recommendation. We got there around 1:30 and the place seemed to be in full swing so we grabbed a spot at the bar (also the Jets game was on….). The menu was a mix of meze (which are small plates similar to tapas) and full meals. I got the omelet Espanola and the BF got the Gyro. Allegedly it came with papas bravas, but these were more like home fries. The brunch for an additional $16 came with unlimited mimosas (passion fruit, orange, pineapple, and pomegranate my fave was the pomegranate). The service was great and our bartender made us a few special drinks, the omelet was tasty although on the salty side. We also got a flatbread with olives TO DIE…… I would eat that solely as it was a pesto covered flatbread with Kalamata olives, need I say more? My BF wasn’t overjoyed with the gyro and it was heavy on the bread and light on toppings. Overall I would say 3 out of 5 forks. A place to check out and grab a bite.







Back to Basics OOTD 10/8/14

Decided to break out a wardrobe staple the TORSADE! My apologies for being MIA but I am sure as many of you have encountered, life happens. Hope everyone is ready for fall and what better way then to treat yourself to this classic beauty. Dress up a Tshirt or pair with an LBD for an instant splash of chic.

Necklace My e-boutique
Sweater Hungary (the country)
Pants Banana Republic (Old)
Tank Banana Republic
Shoes Shoegasm


Me Unfiltered

-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-

Sometimes as a blogger I feel the need to strive to be this ideal that we feel is acceptable, buffed, photoshopped and perfect. But if your anything like me and live in the real world you are not those things. You are imperfect, flawed, lumpy, and use filters to make your images look better. Well sometimes as a blogger, and as a female I feel that I need to let people see what I really look like. No filter, or makeup done (gasp!) and that I am just a regular female in a world bombarded by images of what we perceive as perfection. Honestly, we must come to terms with our bodies and that they are great they way they are. I suffer from insecurties like everyone else (just ask my BF about the verbal diarrhea i had the other night) yet he thinks I am the most gorgeous person he knows. You know why? My intellect and attitude about life. Ask any man and most likely he will tell you that he is attracted to confidence and attitude. It took me about 20 years before I could accept myself and know I will never be what society shows as an ideal female, i’m not skinny, I think my hair sucks most days, my mascara runs, I wear glasses, and I wear sneakers everywhere. But you know what, I’m healthy and happy and regardless the sun will rise and set everyday.

So I wanted to share some untouched photos of myself and show you that its ok to be you. Make sure to check me on the ‘gram at bkblueagave and tell me your story